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  1. Gosh, this is so sad. I feel for Brea. I’d love to hear her music actually, I bet it’s beautiful. I find all the people who are saying it’s a bad article quite insensitive, this girl is obviously very unhappy even today. I know it might not seem like that but nowhere in the article does she say that she likes what she does now. She just says that it works. “It’s an adult plan.” That sounds quite depressing to me. Also, something complete off topic, this Bob guy and the fact he exclusively surrounded himself with young girls made me instantly think of the fact that Lady Gaga got raped. I’m not saying it was him who did it to Gaga, I’m just saying that he’s shady.
  2. I honestly don't think she will, solely because of her recent performances with friends. In every single one of them she looks almost nervous and like she isn't having a good time an all that with her friend(s) next to her. In comparison with her latest tour which was the nfr one, she seems much less confident. I however do think she will do some promo "shows" but like just a few songs or like a late night appearance which would just be one song if i'm not mistaken. But in terms of a tour, I think Lana just simply doesn't wanna do one and she is know for doing whatever the fuck she feels like so... But we'll see. x.
  3. Has anyone seen the amazonmusic instagram reel ??
  4. yeah and the fact that it's just an announcement.
  5. I don't have one and no i wouldn't buy them. hmm maybe buy a cd player, that way you can still support lana by buying a cd and you could actually listen to it and it is not as expensive!
  6. I hope not, i haven't slept all night and it's already 6 here. I don't want to miss it fuck. What? Lucky ones is good tho. Why would you think it's bad?
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