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  1. Can you imagine waiting all day for barricade then having to fight for it again…….🙃
  2. I’m so Delulu rn. I don’t know if this is real or not😭 The lines of reality are starting to blur.
  3. I can second this. Security said no Taylor.
  4. Around 4 hours before they let us in then I sprinted to the stage. It wasn’t too crazy, but I heard someone got trampled soooo I guess that was just my experience. I was also in the front of the large clump of people that got let in first so that definitely helped.
  5. Thank you all!!! 😆 I have a bunch of water bottles and liquid IV I’m doing good rn. Hot as fuck, but good because the water situation is handled. Everyone here is also very friendly and helpful so good vibes all the way!
  6. She just did Ocean Blvd and earlier summertime sadness idk why so many soundchecks. I’m watching the entire Ateez concert rn lol
  7. I really want her to sing Body Electric. Like sooooo bad
  8. Thank you!!! I’m all stocked up with plenty of liquid I.V. and Gatorlyte
  9. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for all the advice:) Last thing I want is to pass out before our Reverend Mother gets on stage. I’d die I believe Coachella allows you to take an empty bottle into the festival that must be plastic, but I have heard mixed things about the refill stations being disastrous. I’m not sure if they allow sealed bottles of water, so I will try to sneak that in if I have to. It’d be nice if they just sold it in the crowd because I really do not want to have to leave my spot to buy water.
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