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  1. So is anyone going to the Hollywood Amoeba? It’s the closest one to me. I hope it’s fun. The new store is pretty nice I went last month and found a bunch of cool records.
  2. It’s all too good…… I can’t even process it…… I’m so overwhelmed……… I love it…….. like…. I…..I’m…….. malfunctioning, but in a good way.
  3. Why do people dislike Yes to Heaven and her various versions so much? Always thought of it as a classic LDR song
  4. New favorite Lana verse……. been bussy boppin’ to this song all morning.
  5. Ordered the pill case for my clonazepam and broke down and got the picture disc too. So now my pre-orders for this era are: Standard Vinyl Retail Vinyl Indie Vinyl x2 Amazon Vinyl Store Vinyl Racing Jacket Lighter AW Necklace Pill Case Picture Disc I don’t even want to add up how much I’ve spent so far lol
  6. Joshie

    Song vs. Song

    Bel Air vs Hollywood
  7. I can’t believe I managed to get the Jacket, lighter and necklace. So exciting! Been anxious for days about this. Really thought everything would sell out fast. Now I don’t have to refresh her website every hour in anticipation of the merch drop……….. well…… unless the peek-a-boob vinyl is coming “soon”🤡
  8. Just went to Barnes and Noble. No Interview magazine unfortunately. I asked the staff and they said their new shipments were all put out today. The girl in line behind me was looking for the same thing too lol…….. So I will be checking on Tuesday I guess🙃
  9. So I happen to be visiting NYC during this heightened time of Lananticipation and I’m about ready to run down to Rockefeller Center with my umbrella and start chanting those few lyrics until something is posted. I’m manifesting Dark, Rainy Ultraviolence/Honeymoon vibes with some Paradise sprinkled in. Oh and Tired of Singing the Blues will be on the record……… in my dreams
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