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  1. Exactly. Seeing people accuse her of being drunk actually breaks my heart.
  2. I feel like all the critique wouldn’t be as harsh if we were actually there. I mean has anyone ever been to a Lana show and come out of it thinking it wasn’t good? Genuinely asking cause I’ve never seen it. I feel like everyone there thought it was amazing and that she looked amazing as always. Idk. Personally for me everything changed when I saw her for the 3rd time in October and up close for the 1st time. In person the dancers & the setlist make more sense to me than when I’m watching it thru the phone. Also every time I’ve seen her she sounded phenomenal so it drives me crazy when people are saying she can’t sing anymore. Also her hair can be a mess I really dgaf cause I know if I was there I wouldn’t even notice because she’s the prettiest person I’ve ever seen.
  3. Yeah exactly… this is such a good description from your mom lol. I think our girl is just a little weird tbh. But I love her for that. My bf always says the way Lana talks and acts is kinda like someone who did too many psychedelics when they were younger lol. But honestly that’s also why she sounds wise to me lol. It’s not an insult just an observation. People are always gonna say she seems drunk or high but she’s just a little weird. Not in a bad way. It makes her fun & cute & interesting 😭
  4. I’m mad she did sweet home Alabama for them but didn’t to take me home in West Virginia… like hello???
  5. Okay so this our set list/props for the next year okayyyy
  6. She’s doing flips in the air like Pink singing off to the races as we speak
  7. Why isn’t that Wally guy with them…. He posted earlier in the week about going but then posted today about not being there Making me scared something is wrong agagwustsuqwheh
  8. being a Lana fan is gonna take years off my life in the end
  9. Atlanta would be awesome 😅 I’m in NC I saw her in Charlotte last September then travelled to West Virginia a few days later to see her October 5th. I can totally do something like that again, and id actually prefer somewhere like west vriginia over Charlotte just bc the stupid resell tickets were way cheaper there and the venue was smaller so it was just a cool vibe. I can not afford these festivals or traveling across the country to see her. I wish I could 😭
  10. sorry I’m selfish but I’m hoping for a small tour in the south again bc seeing her in West Virginia was so much more affordable than in a huge popular city
  11. I feel like this outfit & look shows how tiny she is in real life somehow lol its not about weight I don't mean that at all. I just kinda always pictured her to tower over me because I'm only 5'3. idk. I think maybe it's because shes famous and I idolize her. but when I saw her in the pit up close for the first time when she walked out I thought to myself "why is her head so tiny" LMAO not in a weird way, she is flawless to me... but it was just shocking idk! its not that I thought everything about her would be "big" idk what I thought exactly.... but she is a very petite small person and her face is so small and her features are so dainty :') idk for some reason I just think it really translates in these photos! she looks and sounds insanely good.
  12. Okay my thoughts this was one of her most iconic & best shows of all time minus Camilla & the fact that Lana was using way more backtrack vocals than usual. But I’m not gonna complain about that too much since we know she has laryngitis. She did what she had to do. The outfits, the makeup, the interludes, the vocals when she did sing… obsessed. Iconic. If Camilla just HAD to be a guest she should have been weekend one and billie should have been saved for weekend 2 🤦‍♀️
  13. trailerparkdream

    Taylor Swift

    right now I’m obsessed with But daddy I love him fresh out the slammer who’s afraid of little old me My boy only breaks his favorite toys robin The albatross 😩
  14. trailerparkdream

    Taylor Swift

    I need a cigarette after crying happy tears to
  15. trailerparkdream

    Taylor Swift

    OMG HI SWIFTIES IM SO EXCITED I’ve never stayed up for a Taylor release before 🤦‍♀️ I loved her so much when I was a kid but I fell off around the Red Era. im a folklore & evermore Stan but after watching the eras tour movie + peoples clips of the show on TikTok for the past year I’ve fallen in love with her all over again. the eras tour has made me love songs I never even thought I could like & it’s made me appreciate albums I didn’t pay attention to before. I’m also just obsessed with her as a person in general 😭 I’m so ready
  16. she was feeling confident and in a spicy mood last night omg I love it CALL THEM ALL OUT
  17. This is how I feel. I personally love Taylor, love the eras tour and everything about it. I appreciate Taylor’s artistry and the fact that she trains for months (maybe even years who knows) to be able to get up there and bounce around, sing, play guitar & piano etc. I appreciate the fact that there are little to no flaws and “mistakes” but I also appreciate Lana so deeply for everything you just said. I have NEVER watched Lana live and thought it was “bad”. Not on SNL, not at Coachella this Friday. I feel like I understand what she is going for every time and to me it’s so beautiful. The little “flaws” are what make Lana live so unique and special. I’ve seen Lana 3 times, twice in Charlotte NC in a seat pretty far back, one being in 2015 for the endless summer tour & the 2nd this past September. That venues capacity is around 20k. The 3rd time I saw her was in the pit in West Virginia in October and that venues capacity is around 13k. Seeing her in the smaller 13k venue was THE BEST. She seemed so confident, comfortable & happy. I pray I get to see her like that again, I feel so lucky. She truly shines in those smaller venues.
  18. I feel bad speculating but I kinda thought Lana looked stressed, the backup singers look pissed, billie was so awkward etc somethin was in the air I blame the crowd 😭😂😅 and whenever was in charge of the sound stuff
  19. This and the entrance/THE EXITTT on the motorcycles were the best parts!! I’m just happy the entrance and exit was so iconic at this pointttt. She looked stunning
  20. They gonna drag her onto stage instead of off maybe??
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