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  1. Idk if this is the thread I should be posting this in but does anybody know how to tell the difference from the original translucent white Blue Banisters pressing compared to the opaque repress if they’re still sealed? Like I know with some of the albums there’s a difference in the text on the back of the album I didn’t know if there was something like that for this pressing.
  2. Does anyone have the kraken files for all the leaks so far 😭 I’ve been scrolling for like an hour and I’ve only found the Y&B one.
  3. I’m going to my barns and noble today there’s Chemtrails In the sky so hopefully that’s a good sign I’ll get lucky.
  4. I know Ben said they aren’t with them anymore… but they’ve always been shady! I ordered a shirt and a pin I think around 2021 I can’t remember the specific dates I wanna say it was around Blue banisters time. They literally went like 4 months without any updates or answering any of my many emails. So finally I went to instagram and saw that their posts were flooded with comments about shipping and scamming. I made a comment and only after that did they DM me asking for the order number and that they were soooo sorry and it still took another month to get to me. Not to mention expensive as fuck and shit quality
  5. Thank you for that imagery “should I drop all my unreleased songs today?… not likely”
  6. Their AI is really serious about taking down nudity. I remember I posted that picture of her in the black dress with the guy like hoisting her boob up idk if you know which one I’m talking about (You can barely see ANYTHING in that picture 😭) It got taken down immediately after I posted it.
  7. I’m just waking up from a nap… I’m so lost. Went to sleep mourning honeymoon now I’m just confused
  8. What message? On my end it looks the same as it has for weeks, at least I think so.
  9. She probably doesn’t even remember the password let’s be honest
  10. We should’ve seen the signs
  11. We don’t want a revamp or new merch drops we want the stuff we ordered months ago… why are we not focusing on that
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