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  1. why am i acatually bored lol can @elle ban me already so i can make a new account already
  2. can't wait to meet you so join the animatronic family
  3. hiiiii arey ou guys as excited for chemtrails over the country club as much as i am???
  4. i'm glad i brought a smile to everyone's faces :D free love everyone, love your neighbor like you would love yourself <3
  5. if you all were nicer to me maybe it wouldn't have happened :D stream badlands for clear skin, buy halsey's poetry book, burn your NFR vinyls because they're trash, white hot forever
  6. yall are really against freedom of speech, embarassing yet showing
  7. this is an objectively wrong opinion hon :D if you didn't know but tulsa jesus freak has alternative rnb sounds that emulates halsey's etheral and cloudy production that in my opinion is more exciting than anything on norman fucking flopwell :D this record will save lana who's definitely on the verge of being washed up, if anything tulsa jesus freak will save her career
  8. would lovee a collab with allie and halsey, like if you agree
  9. it's still related to chemtrails only contributing to the conversation luv
  10. i wonder what themes lana will explore in chemtrails? i have a feeling it might be similar to lust for life, with talking about being the new generation of americans especially following bruce springstein's americana influences, maybe exploring her mental health perhaps it can be a concept album similar to manic (which explores mental health/disorder). I would love more alternative rnb on chemtrails!
  11. RafaelSolimaXx

    Charli XCX

    how i'm feeling now is really obviously influenced by halsey's more experimental/PC musicesque songs like "ghost", "castle", "nightmare" (which influenced rina sawayama), etc . it's sad that you guys can't see it, halsey's been carrying the music industry for a lot of people since day 1 the Charli album also sounds like badlands throwaways but im not even gonna mention that
  12. the fact that in my feelings is about g-eazy and essentially halsey halsey really lives rent free in lana's head
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