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  1. such a lovely username
  2. ohh yes, that's exactly what i want too. the soc bridge was so iconic, especially paired with that music video
  3. wellllll i really hope you're right sis because if she meant it musically... but i liked tjf and it didn't sound very country-ish for me so i'm still excited and hope for the best
  4. that was my first thought when my brain cleared after her little video. if we managed to manifest a proper photographer, then manifesting dan shouldn't be a problem lol. plus i'm sure that working with neil brings back memories for her of the uv era too. plus it's possible that she is in a similar headspace, or at least that's what i got from her question for the culture posts, like not wanting to compromise and alter herself for the gp's sake. but for now i'm completely content with the fact that we're about to get new music, and i'm really REALLY looking forward to seeing what they've done with neil because it was such a serve last time and i'm so fascinated by just thinking of all of the possibilities of what the new cover and mv might look like.
  5. if we managed to successfully manifest neil krug, we can do it again with yosemite
  6. in the past few weeks i had a mini heart attack every single time an insta notification popped up on my phone thinking it was gonna be about the album and tonight it finally happened thank goodness she didn't post it while i was at work, i would have died right there from holding it in
  7. same. it's weird you've brought it up, i've been thinking a lot about that song lately.
  8. yesterday i thought i was done with this clownery and the album wasn't coming but y'all give me hope again
  9. tbh they were better than the titles she ended up giving them (except for california)
  10. i wake up this morning after a long, intense dream and the first thing i see is an instagram noti of 3 new posts from her. i almost faint thinking it's the lead single + album cover + tracklist + preorder and then i check it and it's just some random shit again
  11. i hope these random insta posts are just her warming up her fandom for something bigger
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