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    saw someone (i think it might have been you? i'm not sure) mention her in another thread, so i listened to her music while i was working and wow... she is fucking amazing. i had high tide on repeat for about a week. i can't wait to meet my friends, get drunk/high and listen to her together at night.
  2. at this point the best for all of us and also for her would be if she just dropped the album when she felt like it and didn't post anything about it beforehand. i don't think we can ever have a normal, tight album rollout just like HM anymore, it's just not gonna happen.
  3. well NOW isn't really the time for me, rn i'm focusing on other stuff + plus i'm not hyped for the album anymore. i want to be able to immerse myself in the music when it comes out but there are too many distractions now. it was the same when HM came out and the release was ruined for me bc i couldn't really get into it, i was just not in the right headspace, it took me months to realize what a masterpiece it was (i am so ashamed by that btw). what i hope: 1. my things will be sorted out and i will have capacity for her art 2. we will have a relatively short, well executed album rollout that will rebuild hype 3. the pandemic will be over/or at least get better so i won't be in this limbo state anymore.
  4. one of my friends who isn't a Lana stan has bought the book, and i can't wait to hear her opinion about it. i'm really interested to hear what her poems mean to someone who doesn't know that much about her and doesn't get the references.
  5. every day when i wake up i think about how i am one day closer to death but maybe from now on i will think about being one day closer to cocc maybe that's what i need to turn my life around lol
  6. all the haters saying she's irrelevant now can go f*ck themselves
  7. whenever the disappointment with lmlylaw and bus overtakes my mind i remind myself of that snippet we heard of tjf and that gives me hope
  8. Ok so the fact that the era has officially started is good, but the fact that she released a song without saying a word is kinda disappointing for me and i feel i would be more hyped up about the song and the album if she had posted about it. And then there is that cover...
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