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    Art, literature, filmmaking, performance art, modeling. Kinda into gaming too
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    2011-2012 idk

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  1. crematorium


    why are u always trying to act sophisticated
  2. crematorium


    does anyone have news regarding the new album?
  3. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    this fanbase just makes me feel confused. really confused....
  4. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    lock this thread until ak 47 leaks thanks
  5. not gonna get us and lllooovvv i need them so bad
  6. can someone just make a list of actually interesting facts about this album or whatever it's gonna b
  7. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    just a daily reminder to leak gold diggin love thanks xoxo
  8. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    when the whole photoshoot leaks pls someone wrap them up into a folder thank u <3
  9. I doubt she'll announce a deluxe version of the album. She's probably gonna say that the 2nd issue of marinazine is about to be released or smth idk. very doubtful of that theory. if it's an album, then it's probably a remix album or maybe im just reaching lol
  10. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    i cannot believe her music's leaking. this is so refreshing cause omg her music is reminiscent of my early teens and these leaks are so refreshing and comforting to hear akfn;awf;rgergegkje
  11. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    coloring book is so cute
  12. crematorium

    Melanie Martinez

    since i enjoy experimental music, drowning sort of gives me that vibe lol..........................
  13. i am curious whether there is a thing such as a teen idle demo
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