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  1. Tulips

    Song vs. Song

    Get Free vs Life is Beautiful
  2. Tulips

    Charli XCX

    Can we not start another chain of ranking her projects, I’m sorry but we literally do this every month do y’all not get tired
  3. Tulips

    Song vs. Song

    I Talk to Jesus vs You Can Be the Boss
  4. Yeah. Both of them have some country and folk influences I guess, but like LemonadeHeavens said it was definitely not a full blown country/folk era.
  5. Manifesting that this means more Lana leaks He definitely had unreleased songs on his phone, he’s been her manager for years Edit: Lmao also I thought that post was a joke, I didn’t know his phone actually got stolen when I made this post
  6. Some folk influences every now and then? Yeah. But to say that Lizzy Grant was a folk/country era is totally incorrect in my opinion.
  7. I’m a Lizzy Grant stan, and her music from that time wasn’t “country” in my opinion.
  8. To say that it’s been this way her entire career is totally wrong. But, she got “almost exclusively glowing reviews” for NFR which is probably what that person is talking about. Funnily it’s her most critically acclaimed album
  9. I listened to a short snippet of the song because that was all I could find and it sounded boring tbh 💔 Also this song doesn’t hit as hard as Sirens songs such as Drive-by and A Star for Nick
  10. Does anyone have a link to a full live recording of the performance?
  11. I- Maybe there will be other songs on the album that are produced by Jack but co-produced by other people and she just means Dealer is the only song which Jack didn’t produce on at all.. manifesting because I really want more than 2 producers on this album
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