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  1. I honestly never understood the appeal of those iPhone filters where it completely blacks/whites out the background Like Lana is beautiful but that filter is just not it still love the song tho, like people have said, this one song doesn’t represent the entire album-there’s gonna be some screaming party bops and I’m READY
  2. I hope you know our suspicion was nothing personal, we’ve all been burnt too many times and now have trust issues but regardless thank u
  3. A stranger has appeared and told us apparently something BIG BIG BIG is coming on Friday (take with a grain of salt)
  4. I’m a skeptical clown so I’m not gonna believe you until Friday because either life will be the same as it is now (boring) if nothing happens or it’ll be great so I’m happy to just wait but if I have learnt anything from Lana it’s to “Trust No One” (even Lana)
  5. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve just hit a wall of exhaustion with caring tbh the world is so much right now the lockdown is whatever but just stressful in general and Lana has not been making it easier lol but in all seriousness the mask stuff and the book signing shit and the blatant no-care about anything (which is whatever that’s her prerogative I still love the music forever and I also loved violet too oops) It is way too hard to bother right now She has defeated me
  6. Take off, take off take off all your collabs They say the good tracks are cut that just ain’t rightttt cause we’re having so much funnn With dealer teases tonighttttt
  7. After getting a physical copy of Violet I am not surprised what has happened with this album rollout has happened. It is definitely something she's taken seriously and shows it has been something she dedicated a lot of her time to, hopefully now it's out she can focus a bit more on the album. And I mean, I know she's already said she's writing a 2nd one but with the title and idea of it ~about a crazy socialite in a facility~ I wonder if it might connect with CoCC and the themes she's setting up? Like that weird video she did with her brother, I love it but it was also just so bizarreeeeeeeee TLDR: it's happening fam or I could just be super stoned rn so idek
  8. I’ve been slowly reading this and taking my time with it some of the poems hit so well and some I’m just happy to be privy to Lana’s streams of consciousness The book itself is actually made so beautifully The paper quality, the print texture, the poems with little scribbles and the final next to it, the binding and the quality of it all is stunning, the offness and imperfections of the type gah It’s such a beautifully made and considered book, the full bleed photo pages GAH You can tell it was truly a passion project for her and that she really cared about it I’m actually in the process of making a photo book called ~there’s a stranger in my house~ and the way she has made her book to ~feel~ a certain way is so inspiring. Inside it list’s who printed the book in Australia and I secretly wish I’ll be able to print with them Violet is honestly my favourite poem at the moment, I’m currently reading the one where she’s talking about the flying lessons — I’m so here for this I can’t wait to hear her read them when my vinyl arrives, i’m sure it’s gonna hit so different especially with the instrumentals behind it GAHHHHH
  9. AHH my hardcover book came today!! It’s so pretty, I read Violet and it’s so pretty I’m here for this
  10. holy shit that just got worse and worse, beauty is not worth the moral corruption Stealing from artists is nothing compared to the other repeated behaviours Anyone else reading this convo, read the article, we can find somewhere else with pretty things to buy from that is actually productive to the furthering of society
  11. Thank u for this tbh i don’t condone her wearing that mask but if I can wear one over an actual mask ill be the most blinding person on the peninsula but also the fuck? Why can’t people be fucking normal and not be a shithole
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