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  1. oh god I was so close to just buying this, I want it but I’m also gonna try get the RSD edition as well and Idk if I should go crazy and have 3 copies of CoCC on vinyl WHAT DO I DO
  2. I appreciate that! I get what you mean, I guess Arcadia is a beautiful sounding title and it does have the name of destination, but I personally don't think it suits the direction of the album - to me I feel like CoCC could've been called Arcadia. If Blue Banisters wasn't a title track I wouldn't think it would make much sense but given that it is the title track, I feel like it's given a lot more context to why it's the album title. It talks about establishment, something being constructed and altered. It exists in a pre-existing form as well as a current form and an intended future form. (harking back to that "what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now" phrase she was talking about) I find there's something homely about the title Banisters, it's like a symbol of support on an upward climb, the fact she's talking about a journey seems to reinforce that idea of a climb. And in the song it represents how she thought she needed a man to paint her banisters but instead it was the friends and family she needed instead, almost like they're helping her climb this huge mountain in front of her as opposed to this man who will only help her if she agrees to obey him. Even the cover artworks make sense with BlueBanisters, the photo of her solely with Tex and Mex assumably in front of her banisters, the dramatic side-profile looking upwards to a higher place and the JohnDeere photo referenced in BB.
  3. I actually agree NFR makes more sonical? (lol) sense whereas CoCC is more conceptually sound. They're both the anti-christs of each other I honestly have no doubt that BB is gonna top both of those albums. The concept is there and the production is gonna be just as powerful. I have faith that BB will truly smack us in the face LDR8 = BB, AHS8 = Apocalypse. The joint end is near
  4. I guess kind of close to the officials ahahah, I remember people thinking HIAB was just gonna be another piano ballad (lol), but that still didn't ruin the album did it? NFR ended up critically acclaimed and regardless of that opinion, NFR was still amazing. Honestly CoCC was just as good but no one's ready for that conversation yet
  5. Exactly. Preaching to the CHOIR. We're not arguing over vaccines or anything, it's just music. It ain't that serious fam
  6. LEGIT!! I wish I still had them just to compare!! We were so blessed but so oversaturated with snippets, how times have changed!
  7. RANT incoming, pls skip this post, I regret posting this: (I feel like no one was really talking about this topic, except maybe one post, and I kinda went on a crazy rant... it retrospect, I probably didn't need to, but I also stand by what I've said, sorry not sorry ) God the leak argument is so insufferable every SINGLE album. Listen to it however the fuck you want to. Don't act "holier than thou" for holding out and waiting, that's your personal decision not anyone else's. I have always bought CD's, preordered albums, preordered vinyls so I have no problem with listening to leaks because I know in the end they're getting my money regardless so don't act like that's a point either. Sure it may suck for Lana and I feel bad in those cases (like the Untouchable Five leak which really fucked her whole process but that's different from a finished album leak...) but in the end it really doesn't matter, luckily she's off social media now. Honestly, she doesn't even know I exist (even tho we got a pic together that one time lol) so I don't think it matters if I listen to a leak or not. We're gonna hear the album eventually, I don't care if it's casette quality or Dolby quality, I just want new music. And look the general public don't give two shits about leaks, the amount of times I try to talk to my friends about leaks and they don't even care is more embarrassing than you think. Like they really don't care and they would rather just wait (even when I've offered them links). It's mainly a fanbase thing and it goes back to my point of, just let people do what they wanna do, I don't care how you hear the album, I don't care if you ever listen to the album, I just can't be bothered with the preachiness of it all. Also if one listen of shitty quality ruins the album for you, then I feel bad for you it shouldn't be that deep sis. Things have always been this way. I remember the days of Paradise where we got so many snippets people were literally making their own versions of the songs to tide us all over until it came out or leaked. Did that spoil Paradise for me?? Fuck no, because when I listened to the CD in my car as I drove with the windows down it was still more perfect than I could imagine. Also I bet everyone that says "Don't listen to leaks it's not how Lana intended for us to hear the music" has also listened to Lana's unreleased music. Which is ironic because she has explicitly said so many times how she wishes people didn't and hates how those songs have leaked. Have you stopped listening to them?? Probably not, and good because they're amazing. I don't care what you do, you shouldn't care what anyone else does. Just get off your high horses.
  8. I think the JohnDeereVinyl will be the rarest BB, and the new RSD vinyl for CoCC will be the rarest.
  9. Oooooh, god damn it! These things always confuse me ahaha, my city is in lockdown and everything's shut so I doubt I'll be able to get one Maybe I'll have to buy an overpriced version off of eBay like I did with Ariana's sweetener live vinyl
  10. Oh my god the RSD alt cover for CoCC is BEAUTIFULLLL Totally suits the vibe of the album, oh my lordie may When does it go on sale/preorder? It says it’ll be released November 26th but it’ll probably go up for sale sooner right?
  11. The album is still coming fam, let's rejoice in that I can't wait to do a BTD>BB play through and sob
  12. yayoop

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    8 years in the making, so sudden
  13. Oh god, think how "Get Free" ended with "out of the black, into the blue *followed by echoed beauty and seagulls" Sweet Carolina will be like "happily ever after yallllll *followed by echoed giggles and Lana being like "wow this is it"*
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