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  1. I loveeeeeee this! i personally am hyped for LDR x NL I grew up with country music so I’m so here for this
  2. I’m personally in love with this song i love the rhythm the softness, the rock Candy sweet line it makes me want to cry i can see it fit perfectly for Euphoria tbh especially if the next episodes gonna look into Cal and his closeted upbringing, damn
  3. This is so exciting, I used to be up at 5am dancing to “The Man I Love” (edit)(it took me so long before I knew it was a fan edit lel) so I hope this is gonna be a new song to cruise too in the same kind of way. Euphoria’s drug, party and melancholy vibes are perf for lana
  4. The way she was saying “I’m flexible—“ totally gave me job interview vibes, I hope to see her at her favourite store Target, she obviously didn’t prepare a speech but I love just listening to her ramble honestly about things bless her, well deserved, we love a legend
  5. I love participating in things, and I love you for being so lovely!
  6. i just noticed how wrinkled my older LDR vinyls look, pls don’t judge me I just think the font looks so goood and the wispy colours look so pretty too
  7. My JohnDeere vinyl came and it’s beautifullllllllll a little side note, her name and title on the spine is so beautiful?? I’m obsessed I can’t believe I have 10 different lana albums (no duplicatesss) on vinyl, we are truly BLESSED
  8. Innocent Eyes is a classic Australian album tho
  9. I cannot stand Ed Sheeran’s music, I have a close friend who is obsessed with him and every day I wonder if I need to stop seeing her I’m also not in LilNasX, I have no reasons, I just don’t vibe ~ glad he’s doing good? I just don’t care Oh god and Sam Smith, I’m not here for them at all
  10. I love CoCC so much, I think it’s actually one of my favourite Lana albums, I’m shocked tbh Other than the songs - I love most of the songs tbh The whole album just reminds me of a cold turning warm time that is lovely to be transported to when I listen to it Idk think that makes sense ahaha I mean, Lana’s albums kinda sit in a pocket of my life that reminds me of something when I listen to them and idk if it’s the escapist feeling she’s created on CoCC but this one sits so well in a time for me where everything was feeling chaotic but was also beginning to slow down and I was reaching the light at the end of a tunnel Whenever I listen to it, i get that feeling~ I don’t mean to be so dramatic ahaha
  11. I need you to say 9 hail lanas and we’ll be able to move on from this traumatic period I’ll be praying for you all I’m gonna watch it three times now to repent for your sins (two extra times for you guys)
  12. First BurningDesire and now THIS I feel like I don’t know you anymore
  13. My JohnDeere vinyl has shipped FINALLY, I’m so excited
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