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  1. Add the Lana subreddit to this thread, a lot of them are cooked over there. I swear to fucking Jesus Christ our lord if another straight guy goes “I’m a guy who loves lana but is 101% straight” I’m gonna off myself like shut up, your insecurity is showing so hard Just love the music, who gives a fuck
  2. God I love and hate capitalism so bad THE VINYLS ARE BEAUTIFUL but I already got the pink one gahhhh but the BEWBS we need it
  3. I got it on the Aus Amazon site, but also saw it on the Japanese Amazon site too!
  4. I GOT THE PINK AMAZON EXCLUSIVE, I’m gonna have a heart attack, I thought i had missed out THANK THE LORD
  5. I’m pretty sure at one point she said “Melancholia” was the title track, at least a UV (song) Alt title imagine BTD > Paradise > Melancholia
  6. Florida Kilo Diet Mountain Dew Honeymoon 2023 is gonna be… a wild one
  7. yayoop

    Instagram Updates

    God I swear to go, this album needs to come out now. I am needing all the Lana baddie strength and energy to mend my heartache right now, god we love her
  8. The sun is rising for us, finally, soon
  9. yayoop

    Taylor Swift

    It’s all personal opinion bebe just listen and see how you feel about it But so I’m not annoying and actually respond to you i will say i think there’s a good bunch of bops and the 3am tracks are predominantly fillers, some tunes are unexpected
  10. yayoop

    Taylor Swift

    None of it matters
  11. yayoop

    Taylor Swift

    We got 21 new songs today, we’re blessed
  12. The fact this song exists in the first place is a fucking win for me. Never in my wildest dreams would 2012 me (who already loved TSwizzle) and who had just started being obsessed with Lana know that this day would come fucking 10 years later. Blessed the lyrics are so Lana, god
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