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  1. No but you have to imagine LDR10 being inspired lyrically & sonically by the top ten in her discography: Coachella Don’t Call Me Angel In My Feelings Guns And Roses The Other Woman Beautiful Blue Velvet Lucky Ones 24 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood A simple and beautiful 10-track album featuring all of the peaks in her songwriting and sonic abilities like the songs listed above. A folk-trap-desert-surf-pop-rock album with the deep and well thought out socio-political writing she exhibited on Coachella with raspy Stevie & husky Nikki as features AND Drew Erikson executive producing the whole thing…......an ABSOLUTE dream
  2. I'd really love LDR10 to lyrically and sonically sound like Coachella and have features like Nikki Lane and Stevie Nicks again. A return to craft if you will. Coachella is really underrated and I think a folk melody with harder trap beats would sound very nice with Nikki and Stevie's husky smoker rasps. AND Lana's songs like Coachella with her deepest and most well-thought-out messages are always amongst her best IMO
  3. We were BORN TO DIE We visited PARADISE We survived his ULTRAVIOLENCE We went on our HONEYMOON We have a LUST FOR LIFE We watched NORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL! We had a QUESTION FOR THE CULTURE We walked through the door past the open concept and saw VIOLET BENT BACKWARDS OVER THE GRASS We played it cool under the CHEMTRAILS OVER THE COUNTRY CLUB We painted our BLUE BANISTERS We asked DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE’S A TUNNEL UNDER OCEAN BLVD And now we suffer in the LDR10 PRE-PRE-RELEASE THREAD!!!!! LITTLE FUCKERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can't wait for when she opens her set with a live reading of Question For The Culture!! Her magnum opus if you will
  5. You can't tell me that Lana doesn't know exactly what she's doing 99.9% of the time. A genius queen. As she said on BBS "Your interest really made stacks out of it for me so thanks for that"
  6. Love love love ocean blvd. I listened to it on repeat on my last flight home after a transfer at the chicago airport on wednesday. It was so gloomy and cold in chicago, but it's always sunny above the clouds. It was amazing listening ocean blvd as the plane broke through the rain and dark clouds and the sun was there right before it set. I don't think I've ever had a more beautiful first listen of a lana song, watching the sun set through the storm clouds on my flight back home
  7. Born To Die. The first time I was aware of Lana's existence was watching her perform on American Idol in like 2012. (I thought she was boring at the time so I ignored her ) But then like a year later a girl i went to school with was watching some of lana's music videos in class and after seeing them i bought Born To Die (album) and listened to it in full every night before i fell asleep like all of summer 2013
  8. Finally got the walmart picture disc delivered in the mail!! Now only to wait for my other 9 copies of this album to be delivered Hope I get the deliveries before my roomies (mom and dad) do. Idk if i could face the humiliation of explaining to them that I bought 10 copies of the same album.
  9. It kinda sounds like a song that would play in the background of a Home Depot or Applebees parking lot
  10. Lana is literally such a loon lol. Venice Bitch is 10 minutes long? And the album is titled Norman Fucking Rockwell? Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass? And she's becoming a pilot? Idk why but I can't stop laughing at all of this. I would literally die for this woman. I love her so much lmaoooo
  11. I've been a huge fan of Florence's since 2010. The first song I ever heard of hers was "Heavy In Your Arms" and 13 year old me was absolutely shook lol. When Ceremonials came out I became absolutely obsessed and that album really got me into Lungs. Lana is my favorite artist but Florence is a very close second. I feel like she has really started to come out from this really dark place she has previously been writing her songs from. With HBHBHB there was this really big shift to these more mature lyrics and themes. With High as Hope I can hear echoes of all of Florence's previous records in songs on it, however as a whole, to me, it continues on the same track and direction as HBHBHB. I know that High as Hope will be my favorite record of 2018. I really like how kind of stripped down and minimalistic it is (well, the most stripped down and minimalistic for a Florence + The Machine record that we've heard so far lol). Its different from what she has done before but still very familiar. My favorites so far are definitely The End Of Love and Patricia.
  12. sthalcyon

    Black Honey

    Black Honey is a band from Brighton, England. They sort have this 60s surf rock/spaghetti western sound on a lot of their songs. I've been listening to them off and on since 2015. Their self-titled debut album comes out this year on September 21st but they've been putting out random singles and EPs for the past couple of years now. Below are a few of their songs that are my favorite: SLEEP FOREVER (actually one of my favorite songs of all time): TEENAGER: SPINNING WHEEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUklX5uwju0 SOMEBODY BETTER: I ONLY HURT THE ONES I LOVE: Like I said, they have quite a few songs but the above are just some of my favorites. Most of their songs are on Spotify but there are some unreleased that you can only find on YouTube. I'm really looking forward to their debut album!
  13. According to the lyrical booklet that came with the vinyl of Rare Birds I bought, her vocals are featured on Loving You and Living With Myself
  14. Until I saw her live for the first time back in January I thought she was singing "I'm feeling ill that trick tonight" in summertime sadness but obviously it's "I'm feeling electric tonight". I've literally been singing it wrong for like five years and no one's corrected me. I thought "ill that trick" meant that she was like feeling "dope" or something idk i didn't question it I'm dumb lol
  15. That makes more sense lol. Omg I literally preordered his vinyl too - I actually really like Over the Midnight a lot and I've been listening to it quite a bit since december. I've listened to Loving You a few more times but I'm still warming up to it haha I can't wait to hear Living with Myself!
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