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  1. @Kintsugi please reply... is her lower register like BTD-P present alot??
  2. Can we as a community and sane humans ignore a certain user ..... They've been spreading hate on all platforms..I've no idea what their intentions are.
  3. I'm so glad she properly thought out her title track this time around.. I mean she was considering TJF to be the title track at one point and its such a horrible title track compared to her other iconic ones. Ocean is title track material. I could never rank them.. they're all equally mindblowing.
  4. @DragonWhoreplease reply @DragonWhore would you say there are more surprises wrt to the rollout itself? Like more vinyl variants or album trailers
  5. @DragonWhore also are there any bops like Doin Time or FIILY or Lfl title track
  6. @DragonWhore king please spill one more thing. Is her lower register prominent on the album or is it majorly her higher airy COCC voice
  7. Streams are dropping thx to the weekend i think. Also I never knew Sza was that popular?? This is the first time in 6 or 7 months that someone had higher streams than Taylor
  8. I want to say this track is an experience. Its so beautiful and is magical. The melancholy vibe, her stellar vocals (god i missed her lower register) feels like a return to her older albums. Her tone is absolutely gorgeous and the backup singers added so much to the already heavenly song. It can be featured on any vintage sad gay movie. The Neil comment suggested that the album feels like the sea? The DNC was a wave logo too. Tbh the track does feel like you're walking into the ocean and voluntarily drowning yourself as the waves crash down.
  9. This is Sza's doing. But I expect streams to go up on Monday or Sunday. Fridays are usually Lana's drop in streaming.
  10. In every platform....like see their Twitter lol Also did the credits for the tracks surface ?
  11. Also. Didn't you say she was recording a snoozefest or something late March? Did it make it to the album.
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