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  1. @fl0r1dakil0spls spill little details...
  2. CinnamonGay

    Taylor Swift

    is she in her lana phase
  3. Where Fr. I dont think clay is entirely straight either
  4. I'm pretty sure she had something planned and then changed it last min cuz of Beyonce surprise drop.
  5. maybe its a new merch along with the DNC jacket.... And she might include Cult Leader on the record. Wild One was supposed to be on BB even though it was leaked
  6. And the 3 new leaked 2019 outtakes ...wtf. They are album cover material
  7. Cult Leader is going to be on the album?????? Is this a tease.? Seems oddly very specific...
  8. Lana does drop Easter eggs now and then. Remember the Yosemite T shirt for a COCC interview? That basically confirmed the song was on the tracklist.
  9. Ben throwing shade at Dua in his post "loyalty and friendship"
  10. I want Lana to scream and use her lower register on this song she is gonna release today
  11. delululululululullululululu mode
  12. what if she posts at the time when the stars align
  13. let's manifest cyan or teal vinyl plz
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