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  1. ???? Guys utilize this opportunity. Someone ask the Mojo reviewer guy If For free and BUS are actually features or just backing vocals. Also about NAWWAL..
  2. Ok that's good. Nikki's voice is great on some songs and outright jarring on others... I want Lana only on BUS. And for freee......(zella and weyes were only backing vocals first right?..how come they're registered as feats now?)
  3. Just watch BUS destroy everyone... But why does Mojo mention it as a duet ????
  4. Woman doesnt sound straight from NFR at all... It feels like a mix between Video Games and Love. Her vocals are different too. The instruments too.. She is going back to those deeper vocals. . Belting notes seem to be evident on BREAKING UP SLOWLY last chorus..as seen in the live performance.
  5. CinnamonGay

    Taylor Swift

    ....a TS album I couldnt care much about.... on the other hand if it were SPEAK NOW OR RED OR 1989.... Lover can rot lol. But this is a good first step
  6. @RormanNockwell I'm sorry but if you think EVERMORE album art is a representation of the music..no. She could've done so much better tho. COCCS cover is ok. Not too bad. Atleast you can see Lana's face. It symbolizes that people are a person's biggest wealth. And that she is grounded and retains her sanity due to her closest friends. Her interview from Sep , she clearly says the record is all about her family and friends. ..... There couldve been more finesse in executing it but the intentions are solid.
  7. The original cover art isnt that bad as people portray it to be... I mean come on..look at SMILE and EVERMORE?? FOLKLORE?(i could have just googled pine forest or dark forest woman walking). It could have been more polished yes..but doesnt warrant OMG SHE HAS LOST HER ART SHE IS LAZY SHE IS OVER reactions... Pure Heroine cover also <<<<<<<.. So many album arts are worse than Lana's. Watch her release HBB, STUPID, DEALER,WHF as deluxe(Interscope will obviously want more revenue due to no concerts/festivals/tours.
  8. ?? Lana has a wide wide wide vocal range spanning 3.5 octaves. Lol..
  9. The song is a serve honestly. Sounds so nostalgic...so sad..fuck
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