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  1. This is going to be her best album ever...coming to top NFR I feel. So many different producers and her mood currently is so ethereal and fun. ..
  2. The snippet is so beautiful. I dont think it's the final version,..waiting for Jon's touch. This is gonna be a jazz serve yasssss. Her voice is so full and not thin like WD.
  3. I hope it has rhcp influence..give us those beachy rock guitars !! The way Arcadia video has references to Under the Bridge video..same vibes, both of them are in space?? And the images of the city displayed below them.. PEACH FUZZ PLZ
  4. I cant wait to hear what she will do vocally. Her voice is so strong now as evidenced by her vocal performance in BB/Arcadia/TB/YNWA/Summertime Gerswhin version and so many more. Buddy's Rendevouz. The richness and the overall round tone ..she has come a long way with vocals. Literally one of the best voices in the music industry in terms of range as well as tone/texture. Waiting for a dealer/cruel world moment
  5. Leak music on twitter said Ldr dropping aug or september. Do we believe ???
  6. I think Peach Fuzz was supposed to drop late June-early July. Tap music reposted the post as well...it has to mean something. Then she went to Italy and got more inspiration. She said during the Gucci interview that fashion feels fun again. ... And also she had a crazy stalker so everything delayed her release. I can see a single coming within this month and the album like November(along with BTD 10th anniversary version, to boost sales and popularity)
  7. She's obsessed with Lana 😅😅 Also where is the new single
  8. I believe in the magic of Lanaboards and our manifestation powers. Just a few months ago , a user predicted this would be the 2nd peak of Lana del rey, the second golden age ...as we can see , her streams have skyrocketed and she is hugely popular on tiktok this year. If we can keep up the momentum we can surely reach 30m spotify listeners by the end of the year. )) Let's manifest a grungey angry NFR X UV album thx
  9. I think her voice has become richer and more well rounded. But she still has the edge as evidenced in WFWF,TB,Yosemite,dealer etc. She can still deliver that icy cold haunting vocals
  10. Where did we get this 10 day thing from..??
  11. @fl0r1dakil0spls spill little details...
  12. CinnamonGay

    Taylor Swift

    is she in her lana phase
  13. Where Fr. I dont think clay is entirely straight either
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