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  1. Let's not get carried away. syth was dropped on a Friday. A&W debuted in the bubbling under chart while it was released on a Tuesday. Plus SYTH was super popular on tiktok and the Gram. If A&W had the same playlisting and announcements it would've gotten Top 50 BB100 easily. Devoured nothing
  2. Chem title track x cinnamon x A&W
  3. OB is top 3 in her discog. And Chem had gems. I don't think Rick can make chem title track.
  4. No she was breathy af. See the live performances of that era. Her vocals have improved immensely since then. She sounds angelic now. UV vocals aren't even close to her gorgeous round tone now She can definitely hit those notes. I think she hits lower notes on OB
  5. CinnamonGay

    Taylor Swift

    It looks like a puke yellow
  6. I'm so glad there are tinges of her UV voice returning. The airy quality and the not the full rounded voice she's been using lately. The slurred enunciation. Vocal technique Reminds me a bit of Sad Girl/BTD title track prechorus. The song went nowhere for me though.
  7. Not really. She had more upbeat songs and also the guest performances were solid.
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