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  1. Ok… dumb question but .. Guys why do u expect a son to drop any Friday?
  2. Yeah like Never let me go , Roses bloom for you or Your band is all the rage … Im kinda sad that its been confirmed that this album will not have any outtakes , But Oh Well .. next time xD i ordered the webstore exclusive cover LP And im excited AF !
  3. Wtf so ofcourse alt LP is gorgeous as well hopefully both of them are legit !!!!!!!!!! for chemtrails it was a no brainer for me , for this one I don’t know which one to get now
  4. My god this wait is nerve wrecking.. 😀 And all this tea spilt now ..is burning me alive
  5. What if the new song premiers on Annie again ? We would know by now no ?
  6. I was thinking the same thing! But oh Well .. she always ... was a singer who once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet :)) and she did !
  7. Ok is that really the album title !? it absolutely sounds like a name of a poem ! .
  8. Yeh the fact that nothing leaked yet makes me question if the theft happened xD
  9. I’m not a big TS fan and this song is typical Taylor Swift song .. so I don’t love it nearly as much as God save out young blood for example..
  10. fanb

    Happiness is a Butterfly

    Yep , thank you so much !
  11. fanb

    Happiness is a Butterfly

    Oh my .. didnt thought of that Thanks !!!
  12. Hey guys so ive been wondering for forever … what does the lyric - “dropped a pin to my parking spot” mean ? im a non native English speaker , thinking my English is good but this is just one of those things where I understand each word , yet not the overall meaning and context thanks 😘
  13. But guuuuuys .. Lana said herself she puts so little effort into promotion .. but she puts so much effort into her album making .. with her bat ears 😍 ..
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