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  1. Ok why the country outfit if she won’t perform country ??? 😀
  2. Did I just hear him playing a bit of how to disappear??????
  3. Hope live and not hologram is exciting but what about LTLI ????? maybe they will sing Venice after ?
  4. Oh hey .. she she’s wearing Pepsi cola t shirt ! and she included Lana in the performance in a fun way ! and it was short
  5. This Ride performance.. was heavenly !!!!!!!!
  6. Watching it live makes this such a special experience no matter the setlist , guests or whatever .. just the feeling of being a part of it does it for me xD
  7. Postmodern Jukebox version of Young and Beautiful?
  8. Only hardcore fans can be complaining about a “repetitive” setlist .. but newsflash - this wasn’t for the stans - it was for everyone!
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