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  1. Exactly.. I remember how she said to the audience in Prague on the Aerodrome festival that she can't believe how many people showed up for her - an alternative artist.. And that's what she is. Ofcourse I can't wait to hear the album.. But I don't care what day of the week it comes out, who else is releasing around that time .. All I want is the same quality of the music that still gives me eargasms , song after song, album after album.. And I want this covid shit to be over so I can see her live again!
  2. was this discussed here ? in around 24:00 lana says she never finishes a record before knowing what song from the next one will be .. and then she mouths it to Jack ..can anyone decipher it ?
  3. Hi , long time lurker , first time poster . Months ago I bought 2 tickets for the show but unfortunately my +1 won't come .. Given that its a collection ticket that I will pick on the day of the concert from the box office , and its also a name ticket...There's no way I could sell it on websites like viagogo etc .. I don't want to waste it , its a regular ground floor ticket .. So pm if interested !
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