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  1. wow...after a couple of listens the songs reminds me more of UV tan NFR .. its very Lana ..she delivered yet again .. amazing
  2. Btw why are we sure that the group photo is the album cover? 😃 And what about the rose font from 6 days ago?
  3. It's the 11th in Australia..! Maybe it will get released for streaming there
  4. I just randomly found it on YT.. And it's EARGASMIC.. I couldn't find it on Spotify or soundcloud and a quick Google search led me here Where can I download or stream this amazing remix?
  5. Exactly.. I remember how she said to the audience in Prague on the Aerodrome festival that she can't believe how many people showed up for her - an alternative artist.. And that's what she is. Ofcourse I can't wait to hear the album.. But I don't care what day of the week it comes out, who else is releasing around that time .. All I want is the same quality of the music that still gives me eargasms , song after song, album after album.. And I want this covid shit to be over so I can see her live again!
  6. was this discussed here ? in around 24:00 lana says she never finishes a record before knowing what song from the next one will be .. and then she mouths it to Jack ..can anyone decipher it ?
  7. Hi , long time lurker , first time poster . Months ago I bought 2 tickets for the show but unfortunately my +1 won't come .. Given that its a collection ticket that I will pick on the day of the concert from the box office , and its also a name ticket...There's no way I could sell it on websites like viagogo etc .. I don't want to waste it , its a regular ground floor ticket .. So pm if interested !
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