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  1. Listening to her discography now, her songs are so catchy!
  2. Album tracks up on YouTube
  3. Same I find myself always wanting to listen to Homewrecker afterwards
  4. I hope Leeches has more oomph in the final version.
  5. I love the bit where she goes please don’t worry I don’t miss… but can’t work out what else she says
  6. Would love it to be on the album
  7. I was gonna suggest Dragon’s Blood as track 6 but remembered that’s Spider Web
  8. Those lengths are giving me hope Sirens has made it
  9. I really like it, just hope we don’t have a lot of sound effects like k-12 (although at least for DEATH they are at the end)
  10. For anyone in NZ, Death is out on YouTube
  11. I’m interested in the last song on the album to see if there is any hint of what happens next
  12. I’m sure there won’t be, at least I hope!
  13. Watch the rest of the tracks be 1 min interludes
  14. Just started listening to her after seeing this thread
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