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  1. the snippets were leaked on that site as "sad girl" demos which i think is why
  2. here before that bald virgin nerd gives her poetic masterpiece career defining magnum opus album a 2/10
  3. i have 0 bitches 0 dollars and 0 job but for lana i'll figure SOMETHING out maybe it's time to get a sugar daddy
  4. i've honestly been thinking this for a while but didn't want to be cynical and ruin the vibe- realistically Honeymoon and UV were 7-8 years ago. AND they came out back to back, when she was in a very different headspace and creative environment than she is now. It would be so unlikely for her next album to sound like a combination of the two, ESPECIALLY after her most recent work. we've four full albums inbetween that time, all of which have been sonically very different, and it's been almost a decade. it's so unlikely for "HM+UV" for that to be true
  5. can we have a fake insider funeral at the lipster awards this year
  6. i've been believing you dragonmommy but ain't no WAY this is accurate it sounds too good to be true
  7. it sure is babe, no nut november is over im ready to be a whore neil krung do you want me? The answer is: Yes
  8. when the album opener is a youtube rip of Roses ft. Theophilus London what then
  9. a sign that i will be seducing neil krung for LDR9 info
  11. considering we have six days to go crazy on here before the 7th... we probably will
  12. okay but we don't know that's NOT the new single cover... we know how she feels about edits
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