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  1. It's so so pretty! But istg Rob's proclivity towards constant arpeggios is a bit repetitive sometimes
  2. This is v slay and I'm happy for you, however:
  3. Yeah lol nothing to do with ADHD. I think people who are on TikTok a lot just genuinely have a shorter attention span these days (I can definitely attest to this lol)
  4. "I'm doing it for all of us, who never got the chance"
  5. Omg yes you're right! I forgot she called it meta. I'm seeing the vision
  6. Ok someone provide me with a thought-provoking analysis about the deeper meaning of the video because I’m dumb
  7. LOL SAME I was so deep in the whole "he's crazy y cubano como yo" that I assumed she had beeeen in her cultural appropriation era since Paradise and was simply singing about loving a Hispanic guy named Javi. Mind you, I was heavily in my delulu phase back in 2014 please forgive me
  8. Let's see if I can do this with only unreleased songs Because of You Last Girl On Earth Unidentified Flying Bill Earthquakes Valley of the Dolls Every Man Gets His Wish Lake Placid Velvet Crowbar Elvis Trash Magic Caught You Boy On Our Way Let My Hair Down Axl Rose Husband
  9. Keep thinking what life would be like if there was a track called Lena on this record
  10. Kinda wish CN and the JB Interlude were one song but Lana knew it’d be too powerful
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