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    We need them to make another baby 
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    Wait, I LOVE this 
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    This thread is obviously just for fun.

    Early experiments and drafts. Some ideas were taken and/or perfected afterwards. Themes of love, innocence and loneliness.
    Notable works: "Yayo", "Pawn Shop Blues", "Kill Kill", among others.
    1. Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant
    Simple, bright compositions, focused on mood and melody rather than words.
    Recurrent colors: yellow, orange, white and black.

    The original Lana Del Rey sound. Known for its emphasis on visuals, aesthetics and vocals. Image often more important than meaning. Themes of doomed love, drugs, mystery, desire, status, sadness and death.
    Notable works: "Video Games", "Born to Die", "Summertime Sadness", "Blue Jeans", "Young and Beautiful", "Ride", "West Coast", among others.
    a. Baroque Era
    1. Born to Die
    2. Paradise
    "The Baroque style is characterized by exaggerated motion and clear detail used to produce drama, exuberance, and grandeur. Baroque iconography was direct, obvious, and dramatic, intending to appeal above all to the senses and the emotions."
    Recurrent colors: blue, red, white and gold.
    b. Romantic Era
    1. Ultraviolence
    "Individualistic, emotional and dramatic; A turn towards the mystic; a focus on the nocturnal, ghostly and terrifying; discontent with formulas and conventions; the use of new or previously not so common structures; a greater tonal range."
    Recurrent colors: black, grey, white and red.

    Also known as the Retrofuturism era.
    A shift towards the latest sounds and visuals. Known for mixing the old and new, inclusion of different collaborators, abstract concepts and synthetic production. Themes of self-discovery, escapism, the future and the world.
    Notable works: "Love", "Cherry", "High By The Beach", "Get Free", among others.
    "Diverse reactions in challenging and reinterpreting older categories of music, innovations that led to new ways of organizing and approaching harmonic, melodic, sonic, and rhythmic aspects of music, and changes in aesthetic worldviews [...] Its leading feature is a 'linguistic plurality', which is to say that no one music genre ever assumed a dominant position."
    a. Early Retrofuturism / Minimalism
    1. Honeymoon
    Total emphasis on voice. Abstract ideas. Older sounds from the Baroque Era subtly mixed with newer trends.
    Recurrent colors: light blue, red, lilac and green.
    b. Retrofuturism
    1. Lust for Life
    "Retrofuturism may be summarized as the future as seen from the past and the past as seen from the future." Continuation of the previous sound but more emphasis on new-fashioned production. Subtle political discourse.
    Recurrent colors: red, white, blue and green.

    Also known as the Singer-Songwriter Era.
    The new Lana Del Rey sound. Known for its humorous, poetic lyricism and stripped-back production. Elimination of older ideas, images and sentiments in turn of newer, more personal interests. Emphasis on words and musicality. Themes of everyday life, adulthood, trauma, sociocultural issues, friendship and family.
    Notable works: "The greatest", "Venice Bitch", "Hope Is A Dangerous Thing", "Mariners Apartment Complex", "White Dress", "Dealer", "LA Who Am I to Love You", among others.
    a. Postmodernism
    1. Norman Fucking Rockwell!
    "Is, on some level, ironic; challenges barries between high and low; shows disdain of the often unquestioned value of structural unity; considers music as relevant to cultural, social and political contexts; includes references to music of many traditions and cultures; considers technology as a way to preserve and transmit music; embraces contradictions; presents multiple meanings." Known as "The album of the end of the world" due to its apocalyptic nature.
    Recurrent colors: blue, red, white, neon green and brown.
    b. Postminimalism
    1. Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass
    2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club
    "Postminimalist works are usually everyday objects, use simple materials, and sometimes take on a pure, formalist aesthetic. Steady pulse, general evenness of dynamics, without strong climaxes or nuanced emotionalism." Vastly interested in escapism and existentialism.
    Recurrent colors: white, black, grey, green and orange.
    c. Casualism
    1. Blue Banisters
    "A new type of postminimalism that features a self-amused, anti-heroic style. Interested in a studied, passive-aggressive irresoluteness that reflect wider insights about culture and society. Works might appear unfinished or incomplete, intentionally awkward, physically fragile and unstable, rejecting the display of conventional skills." Notable for the random, unpolished nature of its lyricism, composition and vocal styles.
    Recurrent colors: blue, brown, beige and yellow.
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    lol same. gaga’s never releasing it, so someone has to!
  5. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by venicebitx in Lana records to be featured in ‘Artist Inspired by Music: Interscope Reimagined’ exhibition at the LACMA   
    I mean she is right to be upset, tbh i don’t think she never wanted to be part of it (because im sure she would have picked up honeymoon instead of paradise), but its just so FUNNY to me like  they are making profit of her work and her face in this one, and i dont think it represents born to die in any way, like theres so much to the album and this painting isnt giving what it should give, i admit lana’s portrait its beautiful (but its from ride not btd lol)
  6. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by Super Movie in 10 Years of Born to Die   
    I think that a lot of writers tend to just go with whatever the popular opinion is, and since people were celebrating BTD's anniversary positively, Iman hopped on the bandwagon
  7. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by Surf Noir in 10 Years of Born to Die   
    OH THE IRONY  i don't think anybody else could've misunderstood her more when she thought brooklyn baby was problematic for not mentioning gentrification
  8. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by prettywhenimhigh in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    uuuhh her sophistication makes u wanna quit the bitch u dating 💅

  9. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by DCooper in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    People need to stop judging others for showing their bodies. Humans are beautiful and sexual creatures, if Lana wants to flaunt her titties that is absolutely her right. We should be admiring the fact that she feels confident and sexy in her own skin 
  10. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by Honeyyoung in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    it's crazy to me how she already gets called old at 35... do people expect women to die at 40? she has literally lived 43% of the US life expectation of women
  11. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by the ocean in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    that's not unpopular that's just correct 
  12. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by Alison by Slowdive in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    bby we need to unlearn the association between women owning their sexuality/expressing desire and a lack of virtue or "quality"
  13. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by the ocean in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    i guess this is an unpopular opinion within itself but i could honestly care less if lana posed completely nude because that's her body and she has the right to feel comfortable in it regardless of other people's opinions
    the only downside is that elle wouldn't be able to post it here cause of adsense 
  14. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by Honeyyoung in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    i get what you're saying but she should be free to post whatever she wants without fearing that people will think is dirty or sexual in a bad way, i mean isn't that one of the key parts of feminism?
  15. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by Surf Noir in Unpopular Lana Opinions   
    well, we all have our opinions on things of that matter, personally, i really don't care to see lana's boobs every other day, however, it's 100% her choice to share photos of her body as much as she'd like to, some people like to be modest, some people like to show off more of their bodies, everybody has their own preference, she's still worthy of respect regardless of what she decides to post, & it isn't like she's never been nude or revealing for photoshoots before, so this isn't 100% something different for her
  16. Venice Peach liked a post in a topic by JessicaAppleBottomJeans in Instagram Updates   
    can't wait for BBS part 2 - ''The only thing that still fits my personalititties is this crocheted crop-top''
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