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  1. Silly little question: is it "...only silver mirrors running down the corridor” as in a corridor lined with nothing but mirrors (Versailles comes to mind) or "...only silver mirrors, running down the corridor” as in a person actually running down said corridor?
  3. Isn't it "
It all comes down to make / the sound of our love song" instead of 'down to me'?
  4. Struggle to find the right key? How can an artist struggle to find the right key to their own song it's ridiculous lol
  5. After years and years of seeing her music videos, interviews, photographs, discussing her on these very threads, adoring her but also criticizing her a lot, I'm finally able to say that I've seen Lana Del Rey live. It was so surreal I still cannot begin to fathom the single thought of it. The crowd was savage but I still managed to get pretty close to the stage so I was quite delighted. I remember giggling as the decorators prepared the stage with at least twenty different potted plants and palm trees. When she got out it was fucking insane: she was gorgeous and seemed quite joyful. She spoke a lot of Spanish and the whole cigarette moment was lovely PORRR FAVORRRR lol The singing was a little on the weak side, she seemed kinda lazy and sang mostly half of the lyrics on each song. I don't blame her though, for someone who's accustomed to stand still all that walking and dancing while singing must be exhausting. I still enjoyed it, but I do understand the complaints about it. Anyway, when she started singing Black Beauty I felt as if my heart was being torn to little pieces and I started crying really really hard and that was just such a fucking beautiful moment. I don't think I've ever felt quite like that before. It's a moment I'll remember forever. I feel so lucky even though I didn't get to touch her or kiss her, I don't have much to add.
  6. GangstaBoy

    Lily Allen

    can we please talk about this gem? Oh my God the references to previous records/videos got me deranged
  7. Soo basically this is what happens when you guys leak her material
  8. GangstaBoy

    Get Free

    for Life Is Beautiful and for Yosemite!!!1!!111!!!!1
  9. GangstaBoy


    Boring and kinda messy. I'm honestly disappointed, I was expecting a great video since the Green Light one was so refreshing (at least for her) and fitting.
  10. 13 Beaches - 31 Cherry - 29 God Bless America - 63 Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - 22 Tomorrow Never Came - 10 Heroin - 38 Get Free - 49
  11. I still believe it's courses rather than corsets, as in dance lessons these girls are taking. Corsets can't be memorized "in a little song" whereas dance steps from a choreography or a popular dance can. I mean, both the pearls/curls, and the recurring vintage dance motifs seem to indicate a kind of ball or gathering going on where these women would participate. Beside, corsets weren't really in vogue during the period Lana seems to be referencing (early 1940s). Finally, I can't hear the 'T' at the end of the word, it actually sounds like courses to me.
  12. 13 Beaches - 31 Cherry - 29 God Bless America - 59 Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - 21 Tomorrow Never Came - 23 Heroin - 39 Get Free - 40
  13. I know this is totally irrelevant but I was the one who asked Lana about the upcoming MV the other day on her live insta and I've been smiling ever since she replied lol
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