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  1. That website was asking like $100AUD for shipping or some shit, it always felt super dodgy to me. God I hope no one is out more money than they can afford
  2. poetry. she is living breathing heart aching poetry.
  3. Single A&W Unreleased Pink Champagne Song overall Kintsugi It's been a beautiful year
  4. no but what if--- "Even the fourteen-year old knew, "Froggie Came A-Courtin'" How do my blood relatives know all of these songs? I don't know anyone left to know songs that I sing" --what if it's a record of songs for Phoenix so she's left to know the songs that she sings
  5. I'm just about to head to bed at Grandma Australian time and decided to check LB on a whim and this is what I'm greeted with
  6. American's I just gotta say the morbid content and frequency of your ad breaks is alarming lmfao
  7. I've seen him do a few long interviews and he comes across as just the nicest dude
  8. the way none of us guessed the song and it was the most perfect choice ever. Favourite TV performance hands down
  9. Lana Del Rey live on TV at Graceland chatting happily and candidly away about her Christmas traditions - what beautiful world have we woken up into?
  10. Did the voice over say it was gonna cut back to Lana after the break??
  11. that was… simply divine. Somehow she keeps on surprising me after all these years
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