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  1. there are very few scenarios in which I wont side with celebrities when they go off on idiots filming without consent. Lana has always been so open and willing to make memories with fans, no matter where she is or who she is with, it makes this situation so shit - no one wants to be secretly filmed like a zoo animal. I think Jen flew out just to spend this day with her as well, I'd be pissed too. edit: also shout out TMZ, we've come a long way when this is how they close out an article on the situation "Even halfway across the world ... it looks like celebs still get relentlessly hounded."
  2. Obv we don't know details but I was telling my bf about this through misty eyes this morning when it hit me that her baby daddy left her in the midst of all of this and I've gotta be hormonal or something because I sobbed
  3. this shit fucking broke me, no wonder she looked so sick last year it's going to be such a special album </3
  4. oh my god i didn't know it was being streamed HER HAIIIRRRRRRR??????
  5. Popping in to remind people to not take everyone literally at their words. My boyfriend's dad has referred to me as his wife on two occasions now and we aren't even engaged lmfao sometimes people just misspeak. Or perhaps it's a show of endearment, that she feels like a sister even if she isn't just yet either way, I love seeing her happy like this
  6. real. girl could sell 'noise curfew' merch to fund for the late nights and I wouldn't even care lmfao
  7. love a show that lets her play juuuust past curfew, we will remember this Hangout Fest
  8. happy for the country girlies in the crowd who just ascended - this is cute
  9. so I'm thinkin' I took acid before this set and just forgot because this is w i l d
  10. I can't wait for the videos of her chatting later because she's so talkative and the crowd is going NUTS over it
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