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  1. the face she makes at 0:50 singing that high note reminds me of when she used to BELT million dollar man at live performances all those years ago help I'm having an emotion
  2. dying throwing up screaming shitting that we are being robbed of 1080p shots of the new dress, it looks beautiful
  3. the ten minute changing dresses sequence is extra painful after being so damn late omg
  4. I have no sound on the Tik Tok livestream?? nvm it ended I'm gonna go cry
  5. so excited for this show, do we think we are getting new outfits or the same Marylin to Mother serve?
  6. my conspiracy theory with absolutely zero evidence is that because she asked for a livestream delay and was late they had to make up for the time somehow. So she didn't get to perform one song on stage, sped up the end of her set and they cut PWYC for time reasons. I have zero proof but that's all I can think of
  7. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
  8. I finally just got done watching the show, absolutely cried like a baby during ride, found even more love for CN and TUOB which I didn't even think possible and my final lasting impressions were how strong her vocals have gotten and how happy she looked the whole time. Lana the Performer era, we aren't worthy also that outro would have been d r a m a t i c
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