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  1. I don't know if this has been brought up by anyone else yet, but I can't help but think about the first half of the album as a chronological allegory for her romance, heartbreak and then stages of grief. The Grants/Ocean Blvd/Sweet is her in love, thinking about a life of love but still foreshadowing future loss (love and denial (in hindsight) stage). "Do you want children? Do you want to marry me?" A&W is where the betrayal happens (especially considering the extra verse she sang on her live in the car about Sean), The anger and reckoning stage. "It's not about havin' someone to love me anymore This is the experience of bein' an American whore" Interludes/Candy Necklace is her turning to spirituality while still lamenting the restlessness/reckless of men. Reasoning. Kintsugi - the quietest point of grief, depression, that hopefully starts to precede the last stage of grief, acceptance. To me, the remaining half of the album her accepting her place in life and trying to find potential joy in living in the moment, friendship, family and embracing her sultry spirit again.
  2. This is the only pre-album cycle that we haven't been given an accompanying music video for any pre-album singles and/or trailer. Unusual... but given the insider information around a "surprise" that finally does it right by fans, I suspect (and want) it to be something highly visual like a series of music videos or short film
  3. Love this. Adding to what you've shared, since she said Arcadia is about "what happened" the lyrics "They built me up three hundred feet tall just to tear me down, So I'm leavin' with nothing but laughter, and this town" make me feel like leaving social media is part of that story. So we've got two parts of the story... I'm interested in the "what it's like now" part i.e the end of the album. Perhaps when the album comes out, the final songs will be her way of telling us where she is at and her leaving social will be clearer.
  4. I was not hyped until Arcadia and now I can't stop listening to it and thinking about the album. And I don't know why but the outro verse makes me cry, you can really feel her there
  5. So it feels like just yesterday we were doing our COCC countdown and now we're already at 263 pages for RCS. I love us
  6. She wastes no time stringing us along right away, and I take the bait every time. String us along queen
  7. I really didn't like it last night and then today it started to make sense in the most beautiful way - like how sometimes you look in hindsight at your life and at the time found things unusual, challenging or even banal, but then realised how much you were living.
  8. I listened to it and I don't love it, but I like it. Will give it more listens. I just feel like when I heard MAC or VB, it felt much more dynamic and nuanced, but this feels more straight up which I don't mind but it's not exciting for me.
  9. I love how she tends from kind-of to super ironic at times, while also being true to character at the same time And then the actual subject matter of her answers are so nuanced and/or abrupt to me which makes them even more interesting
  10. I want a modern video and slow dreamy trappy song about coked-up old money rich bitches sipping magnum champagne at a country club gossiping about conspiracy theories with it being stylised so glamorously that it starts to ebb and flow indistinctively into satire and irony and then back...
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