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  1. Anyone selling early entry ticket Please let me know ☺️
  2. I really wanna go to this show, but I couldn't get a pre-sale link (Even I was a subscriber of her newsletter) Is there any way to get tickets on pre-sale date without a link?? Or should I have to get tickets on general-sale date??
  3. Did she went down to the barricade today???
  4. What did she said right before performing OceanBlvd??? I can't understand what she exactly said
  5. It's my first time to go lana's concert, and I really wanna see her very close. Usually, how much time do I have to wait to see right in front of her?? (I'm planning to go Festival d'été de Québec)
  6. I saw some people who queuing for the Mita waiting 20~22 hrs early to get front pit So I'm planning to queue about 20 hours early!
  7. How much earlier do you planning to queuing?? I'm planning to get front pit, too!
  8. Love you so much @hotshot2am Thanks to you I could buy one
  9. Will the vinyl restock??? I really want that one
  10. How you guys know when she'll arrive at the airport???
  11. On her website, the date of her performance in FEQ is July 6th.. Did she change 15th to 6th?? or it's just her team's mistake??
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