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  1. https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/ link
  2. I was thankful able to get one❤️❤️ Had to pay a high price unfortunately but it’s a rare occurrence. I also saw some non sketchy looking ones of FB so I think you have luck make sure no one scams you tho!! I ended getting one on vivid seats.
  3. this is a good point. honestly im gonna be fine with anything but i would be upset to hear they chose to not play songs because they thought ppl wouldn't know them... i usually think well they see the streaming numbers but just incase that is not enough, babe everyone is gonna know every single fucking word . lana we love you lol
  4. trying hard to get tickets for Lana at this festival d'été de québec in july. Wasn't able to snatch them a couple weeks ago as they sold out so fast. been looking for resale but gonna put it out there on here, if anyone is selling a ticket for that date please let me know! thanks
  5. trying hard to get tickets for Lana at festival d'été de québec this july. Wasn't able to snatch them a couple weeks ago as they sold out so fast. been looking for resale but gonna put it out there on here, if anyone is selling a ticket for that date please let me know! thanks
  6. these theories are so in depth and informative, thank you. i just love how complex this all is. when i searched up his name next to lana's, a buzzfeed review of did you know.... album came up. in the article they have a link to aaron greenes obituary, and you know big journalism or news websites usually have pretty good fact checkers. this is the article https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/izzyampil/lana-del-rey-album-review-did-you-know-that-theres-a-tunnel and this is the obituary they linked under the words "real tragedy" https://www.pressrepublican.com/news/local_news/aaron-m-greene/article_738f1ea0-12f6-5b24-9ee9-58e42be63b72.html in this it says he passed at age 23 in a car accident. edit: it states he passed in 2007, i believe lana would have been 22, so they were pretty close in age but im guessing lana knew him before she left for boarding school.. just guessing <3
  7. at the moment they are only showing a 4 day ticket. have you seen 1 day for chicago before?
  8. this is what im confused about. it seems like the only ticket option is for all 4 days?? i guess they don't do one day tickets this is what im wondering too!
  9. OMG LOLLA CHICAGO ok so i have questions .... i may actually go to this but as far as can tell they dont do individual day tickets? the lowest ticket option is 4 days, it seems like if you want to buy a ticket you can only buy it for the whole fest. anyone know about this?.... maybe individual day tix will be announced later
  10. Although i think it is a good point to say she has the classic looking engagement ring and a wedding band too, like that's isnt very typical. i mean you can wear a ring on your ring finger, but a wedding band??? and a engagement "looking" ring.... hmmm
  11. ok soooooo.... i didn't realize you had to buy the vinyl to go to the listening event, its apart of the ticket. i would love to support lana in that way but i cant spend that much money right now and i also dont currently have a record player where i am. so if i wanted to go i would have to spend 45 bucks.... idk if this is the same for other ppls locations. i would definitely still pay money to go to the event though not 45 at the moment. absolutely NO DISRESPECT to lana or anyone who priced it. just didnt realize this OK nevermind sorry yall. the store said ppl who buy that pre order are guaranteed into the event but you dont have to, but you may have to wait longer and the store could be full. ok that is better
  12. also having an issue w this, when i click on my city it just takes me to record stores home page and nothing about lana. but i guess ill just email and ask them
  13. wait why did the weeknd post stargirl on youtube, this is because a deluxe version of the album came out? ok edit: i understand now nvm
  14. i saw people saying there was one but it got taken down or something and stopped working. that was 5-10 pages back
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