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  1. When will it be on stands or is it now?? 😳thanks babes
  2. I can’t find the topic for it rn but anyone know when the harpers issue will be on stands?
  3. Have you seen those vids of girls driving around with their Venmo’s written on the back of the car? And it will say something like girls trip or whatever… anyways maybe drive around with something written on the back lol idk
  4. LITERALLY this is a good idea………. People would go crazy for thst
  5. Y’all chant that shit * in an appropriate time butttt you never know 🙈
  6. From what ppl have been saying it seems reliable. I used vividseats to get tix for Quebec in July and it was seamless it’s an established website from what I can tell. Ppl seem to be discussing them a bit earlier in this thread too tho :)) enjoy y’all’s shows!!
  7. Another thing about being super close/ barricade to the stage is even if ur taller you have to crane your next to see her sing and it may not be very enjoyable. I’m 5’8 and I’ve definitely come out of concerts w my neck hurting lol but it’s a small inconvenience too it depends. I also haven’t looked at any of the venues so the stages may not be as high up as say lollapalooza etc
  8. Nantucket omg girl I always wonder if she’s been there
  9. These are older films but picnic at hanging rock is so fffff lana and would fit nicely and badlands too!
  10. I’ll have to listen to it like this! It’s like your personal spin on the album
  11. In terms of released music, to me the blackest day is one the “saddest” but it’s also soothing and beautiful to me, it helps and it’s one of my fav ldr. Terrence loves you too, old money, honeymoon stuff for sure has a bittersweet tint to it imo
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