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  1. I love lana. But the fact I saw her in Quebec at a FESTIVAL (which is usually shorter sets) and that was even 30 minutes longer than Fenway. Obviously I know it couldn’t have gone longer but because of that I def think there should partial/full compensation or somehow perform at Fenway again. Does anyone think she’ll do something tonight?? Obviously probably not at Fenway but maybe pop out somewhere. I happen to be Boston so that would be a delight
  2. ^ and stay on a full stomach. if youre allowed to bring in an empty water bottle, fill it up there and bring a big one so it lasts long. Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses! stay safe and im so excited. if it does get postponed hopefully its on a safer day weather wise but i understand some ppl have booked hotels and bought plane tickets already so idk
  3. for someone reason i havent been able to like posts but YES as someone from mass, the humidity is wicked high here. it's going to be very HOT, i'm gonna look up rules for what's allowed in at fenway. but please drink lots of WATER
  4. this is such a good idea, the whole crowd just bursting into hbd
  5. im in the us. but i havent recieved it and ive been signed up for probs over a year
  6. I can’t find the topic for it rn but anyone know when the harpers issue will be on stands?
  7. Have you seen those vids of girls driving around with their Venmo’s written on the back of the car? And it will say something like girls trip or whatever… anyways maybe drive around with something written on the back lol idk
  8. LITERALLY this is a good idea………. People would go crazy for thst
  9. Y’all chant that shit * in an appropriate time butttt you never know 🙈
  10. From what ppl have been saying it seems reliable. I used vividseats to get tix for Quebec in July and it was seamless it’s an established website from what I can tell. Ppl seem to be discussing them a bit earlier in this thread too tho :)) enjoy y’all’s shows!!
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