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  1. I genuinely don't think I've ever been this excited for a concert I'm not going to
  2. RIP. Truly one of the biggest legends in music
  3. One of my favourite bands, The Agonist broke up yesterday. Although I preferred the albums with their first singer Alissa, who's now in Arch Enemy, I did really enjoy their latest EP Another band I like, Tristania, broke up last year too. If there's a trend of my favourite bands breaking up, I really hope it stops soon
  4. Top 25 1 Thunder 2 California 3 Old Money 4 Heroin 5 Terrence Loves You 6 Tomorrow Never Came 7 The Blackest Day 8 Pretty When You Cry 9 West Coast 10 Shades of Cool 11 The Greatest 12 Fuck It I Love You 13 Mariners Apartment Complex 14 Get Free 15 Wildflower Wildfire 16 Candy Necklace 17 Let The Light In 18 Paris, Texas 19 Brooklyn Baby 20 A&W 21 Freak 22 Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd 23 13 Beaches 24 Cruel World 25 Ride and the rest
  5. Listening to the album again, I still love FIngertips but it feels like I shouldn't be listening to it
  6. So glad we're finally in the post release! I'm on my second listen of the album at work, and I'm glad people can't see me because I'm having emotions about the album
  7. Listened to Candy Necklace yesterday, I'm trying to stop myself listening to the whole album so I can enjoy it more on Friday, but based on how much I love what I've heard so far, I'm hyped for the full album
  8. Don't tell me Lana's announcement is that she's bought this website
  9. Too lazy to bother looking for the songs, but I've been hyping myself up by reading the spoilers
  10. Loved this one straight away, it's so good
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