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  1. I know I won't be awake to watch it live, but I'm hoping I wake up to meltdowns (good ones!) on here
  2. Rachel97

    Song vs. Song

    Cocc vs The Grants
  3. Rachel97

    Song vs. Song

    COCC v Wild at Heart
  4. Rachel97

    Taylor Swift

    Not really a fan of the song titles, but there's a Florence feature?? I've got no clue what that will sound like!
  5. Midnights was tied in with the Eras Tour, I know the grammys is supposed to be about music rather than popularity, but I'm not at all surprised that Taylor won. I hope Lana knows that she's had a huge impact both on the industry and the fans anyway and doesn't need a Grammy to validate that
  6. Lana should have won, if not her, then Sza. I love Taylor but Midnights didn't deserve it
  7. I want to go back to sleep, please can they hurry up and announce it
  8. Rachel97

    Taylor Swift

    Wow was not expecting a new album so soon, omg
  9. Just woke up randomly and now I'm not sure I can go back to sleep without knowing who's going to win
  10. I'm off to bed now, really hoping to wake up to see Lana winning
  11. Dave Chapelle getting a Grammy sums this up really
  12. I mean I love Paramore obviously, but please can Lana just get something? I'm getting nervous now, kinda glad I'll be asleep for the main awards
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