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  1. The 'interlude' sounds like a song by King Princess.
  2. LDR Town

    Billie Eilish

    I saw most of the apple docu material before as you can find many Billie docus on youtube using the same stuff.
  3. Her shop is cute: https://shop.oliviarodrigo.com/?utm_campaign=nav&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=oliviarodrigo.com With "Drivers License" topping the charts around the world, many new fans of the track are wanting more sad bangers to get them through the winter. With the artist's music in high demand, when will Olivia Rodrigo drop her debut album? The world might have to wait just a little bit longer for the Disney star to complete her first project, but the singer revealed in a recent interview that new music is definitely in the works. n her Feb. 4 interview with Nylon, Rodrigo talked a lot about what fans have to look forward to from her in the future, but she was pretty guarded about any concrete details. She did, however, reveal that she already has a clear artistic vision for her first album. “I want it to be super versatile,” she said. “My dream is to have it be an intersection between mainstream pop, folk music, and alternative rock. I love the songwriting and the lyricism and the melodies of folk music. I love the tonality of alt-rock. Obviously, I’m obsessed with pop and pop artists. So I’m going to try and take all of my sort of influences ... and make something that I like.” All that's good and well, but stans are hungry for more now. Curious fans will be happy to know Rodrigo's already completed eight songs she's "happy" with, but she's not trying to rush the process. "I actually feel a lot more confident in my writing abilities since ‘Drivers License’ came out," she said of writing new tracks. She also revealed new music would come out during 2021, but there's no sign yet that the music will be in the form of an album, an EP, or something else entirely. One thing is for certain: the newest season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is coming. When Rodrigo talked about the details of her new music with Nylon, she was doing so over Zoom from Salt Lake City, busy filming for the Disney+ series. It's likely that before we get a new solo project from Rodrigo, we'll get some new music from her character in the show, Nini. Regardless, stans better be ready to stream Rodrigo's next hit and help it hit No. 1 just like they did with "Drivers License." When Will Olivia Rodrigo Drop Her Debut Album? She Opened Up About Her Plans (elitedaily.com)
  4. LDR Town

    Ariana Grande

    the new songs are sweet. test drive is so good.
  5. LDR Town

    Tate McRae

    Her complete list on Spotify is so long. She has so many songs, I don't get why there hasn't been an album out yet.
  6. LDR Town

    Marilyn Manson

    Eat Me, Drink Me, Born Villain, The Pale Emperor, We Are Chaos = masterpieces Next album will be Jail I guess.
  7. LDR Town

    King Princess

    2 new songs. I am not really liking the direction she has taken now. King Princess - PAIN (Official Video) - YouTube
  8. LDR Town

    Tate McRae

    Tate McRae - YouTube Tate McRae Complete - playlist by Tate Mcrae | Spotify I like her music. Rubberland, R U okay, One Day, Stupid, You broke me first are my favorites.
  9. LDR Town

    Bow Anderson

    https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ObN9YNBliscJOImQp4UZO https://music.apple.com/de/album/new-wave-ep/1547981796 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72qkyGcmpwA
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