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  1. No, seems there is currently no limit. Or Shopify changed something.
  2. https://uk.shoplanadelrey.com/products/tough
  3. https://shoplanadelrey.com/collections/tough Tough category is already up for the 7-inch.
  4. Music video is out on Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/music-video/tough/1755317555
  5. 7-inch vinyl should show up on https://shoplanadelrey.com and her international stores, no Lasso pre-order today.
  6. Seems it got registered by SONGS OF SMACK and not Lana's label. Could be an outtake.
  7. I can't see any details yet apart from 7-inch vinyl.
  8. Another Lana store just added a product, we might really see a 7-inch for Tough
  9. I'm a bit skeptical if that 7-inch vinyl is for Tough With @sparklertrailerheaven confirming this is for Quavo's project it would be weird to have physicals on Lana's store.
  10. The Discord bot seems to only show the first artist, it's uploaded as Quavo & Lana Del Rey. But the 3:07 duration is correct.
  11. I can't check Quavo's shop unfortunately. One entry that I've seen had Quavo's label (Quality Control Music, LLC) specified, but if it's also released on Lana's shop then no idea how that will work licensing wise.
  12. A 7-inch vinyl got added to Lana's shop. Could this be Tough?
  13. Wasn't meant to be sassy I just haven't seen any signs of Lasso pre-order being added to the shop yet but I'll post if something happens. Edit: They added a 7-inch vinyl now
  14. If I know something I'll post about it
  15. Song duration is 3:02 3:07, it got uploaded by Quavo's label.
  16. I wonder if this is the LDR Village replacement since it's sold separately from shoplanadelrey.com.
  17. If it's a Quavo song then yes, he doesn't do midnight local time drops.
  18. Yes, I just meant it's not a midnight local time release Haven't seen anything
  19. It's already midnight in some countries, it's not dropping tonight.
  20. They haven't added any new merch so if it's merch related then maybe discounts sent out via email Edit: Seems they are selling new merch at the Boston show so it's possible they will also add them to the shop and I just can't see them with my method yet.
  21. The page does exist https://sparklejumpropequeen.os.fan/birthday-messages
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