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  1. Heroin was the first Lana song I was obsessed with
  2. The 20 best albums of 2023 — the critics’ choice: https://archive.is/o67Tk She won their best albums list.
  3. https://archive.is/o67Tk
  4. I don't know, she has been saying that she has "plans" for such an album since 2019 or so. I don't interpret it as a confirmation.
  5. As such, she has plans to write an album of standards — classic, simple songs that could reach even more people than she does now. A bit like the gorgeous, piano-led cover of Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver that she released on Friday, or the Elvis Presley version of Unchained Melody that she recorded at Graceland for a Christmas TV show. From her Times interview, does not seem like cover album fully exists yet.
  6. https://archive.is/YO9WV
  7. The single shows up twice on Apple Music because they submitted it with different UPC codes for some reason Reminds me of when they uploaded the Candy Necklace music video 3 times.
  8. I just woke up from a nap and have no idea what happened
  9. I'm delulu but I still think it's part of a surprise unreleased collection and that's also why Lana doesn't talk about it.
  10. The official press release says it's a one-off single, implying it's not part of a larger project. https://www.universal-music.de/lana-del-rey/news/lana-del-rey-veroeffentlicht-neue-version-des-john-denver-klassikers-take-me-home-country-roads-271551
  11. Does anyone understand what she is saying in the last 4 seconds? Something like "catch those two ? that I use"
  12. They learned from last album cycle, a lot of these methods don't work anymore
  13. Based on the UMG catalog ID this song was prepared for release around June to July 2023. That's also when BoZ said we are getting more unreleased
  14. This was recorded a while ago, a snippet leaked over a year ago.
  15. Take Me Home, Country Roads was one of the unreleased songs that had a copyright takedown a couple weeks ago on Twitter: http://lanaboards.com/topic/9119-unreleased-discography-original-files/?do=findComment&comment=1697606
  16. https://music.apple.com/nz/album/take-me-home-country-roads/1718529346?i=1718529538 Nothing has been added yet from what I have seen.
  17. I don't know if this means the covers album is coming, or just a random surprise song
  18. Lana Del Rey - Take Me Home, Country Roads 2:47 produced by Zach Dawes midnight local time
  19. 1800 are in stock, so far no other store has restocked them so it's possibly leftover inventory.
  20. Candy Necklace picture disc is restocked on the UK store: https://uk.shoplanadelrey.com/products/limited-edition-candy-necklace-7-single
  21. It also got added to the Australian store. https://shopau.lanadelrey.com/products/say-yes-to-heaven-7-picture-disc-vinyl
  22. I think it's because of the Alana Champion / Jack Donoghue friend group, they all listen to him
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