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  1. firstly i meant posts on social media acting as if she died when she's setting a boundary ... a second i can have a difference of opinion and it doesn't mean i cant participate here
  2. im getting the ick w these dramatic ass posts ...
  3. rip lanaboards instagram updates
  4. well she deactivated her twitter lmao
  5. fingers crossed. its so fun looking back at those old posts once in a while
  6. i don't know if lesley gore's maybe i know would be considered an american standard and/or classic but i personally would enjoy a lanafied version
  7. And there’s like keyboard synths or something as well
  8. If you have the urban outfitters app You can preorder the yellow variant. I litrally just did
  9. I would buy for the camp of it all
  10. Is urban not letting anyone else add to cart
  11. Thank you !!! I was trying to figure out why the melody sounded so familiar
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