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  1. gotchu... i just mean that bc its a given she will have at least a moderately successful release she or whoever probably feels there's no need to keep people updated
  2. well.. see you guys march 19th i have a mental health to look after
  3. who knows ... the energy has changed gradually even since uv prerelease. and no matter what she does, promo or not, shes got a good base her stuff is gonna do well.
  4. its embarrassing ... they've somehow made that meme of lana in front of the fire go stale
  5. maybe not but its still offensive, as would be burning any religious text
  6. i can imagine both lmlylaw and cocc (song) as spring/summer, but the outro for cocc kinda changes the mood to a more wintry, sultry feel.
  7. no, but i do have a few cat/bear/dog stuffed animals do you have a favorite mug? whats special about it?
  8. Yeah currently using marc jacob's daisy. Do you have a favorite sweater/jacket?
  9. sorry but her current spotify header image or w/e is not flattering its just not my favorite picture of her
  10. I only listened to COCC like twice when it came out because i didn't want to get sick of it replaying it over and over, but i just revisted it this week and oh my god. Its like crack its so good
  11. am i the only one who hears both want and need when she sings and i want you to come
  12. when i listened to cowboy like me for the first time i felt like it had been a lana song in a past life. and since she's country now...
  13. lana i feel is like me ... i can tell she def has a ton of thoughts running around in her head and its difficult when you have a lot to say to make it come out as the right thing and not word vomit. so i understood that , especially since she wants to be conscious of the past (qtfc) and being truthful about what is wrong with america psychologically i guess. so, yeah, if i was her i would be hellllla frustrated with "magazines" like the consequence of sound purposefully taking a few words out of a 40 minute interview for a clickbaity headline they know is capitalizing off of past controversy--yet thats how media is nowadays, journalistic integrity is sidelined on the pop culture stage because they want clicks first before honest reporting. (im referring to music, art, culture mags not nyt, wapo) Also... the way i see random people just making up stuff about her or just spreading barely accurate info so gullible people can like it and spread it for clout is so gross and its annoying how people forget that she is a human person with human emotions too.
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