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  1. you've been been acting pretty wrecklesssssss im obsessed with ittttttt [piano break] candy necklacessssssssssss
  2. the creative direction the backdrop the makeup the clothes ... im gagged
  3. jon batiste is literally amazing so im excited for candy necklace and his interlude 100%
  4. claiming grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he's deep see fishing
  5. the honeymoon recognition will feed me for weeks its out may 24 ... if ur in the us you could probably find it at a barnes and noble
  6. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Art Deco Dance Till We Die Dealer Yes to Heaven Angels Forever Ultraviolence Every Man Gets His Wish Ride Brooklyn Baby American Chemtrails Over the Country Club High by the Beach
  7. its 2 am so im hoping this album gives me sexc smoky jazzy piano bar metal shoegaze sanfran angst... I want something new, fresh, guitar lead lines, something shocking absolutely unheard of
  8. I love Pusha T so hopefully a collab happens or even a remix idc I just want it
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