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  1. lana i feel is like me ... i can tell she def has a ton of thoughts running around in her head and its difficult when you have a lot to say to make it come out as the right thing and not word vomit. so i understood that , especially since she wants to be conscious of the past (qtfc) and being truthful about what is wrong with america psychologically i guess. so, yeah, if i was her i would be hellllla frustrated with "magazines" like the consequence of sound purposefully taking a few words out of a 40 minute interview for a clickbaity headline they know is capitalizing off of past controversy--yet thats how media is nowadays, journalistic integrity is sidelined on the pop culture stage because they want clicks first before honest reporting. (im referring to music, art, culture mags not nyt, wapo) Also... the way i see random people just making up stuff about her or just spreading barely accurate info so gullible people can like it and spread it for clout is so gross and its annoying how people forget that she is a human person with human emotions too.
  2. I liked the video i think the premise/plot is not everything is how it seems or the wicked nature behind pretty, family-friendly suburbia
  3. she did not just say she's prepared for the pandemic bc shes crazy ... but same she's also making some good points
  4. im not staying up for midnight pacific so she better figure it out soon
  5. maybe .. but shes the only one that makes the photo almost compositionally interesting
  6. what ever the post i was quoting was directed to people who didn't like the cover and saying they were fake fans ... if they wanted to point out the people calling her names they would've said that. in fact who here saying how much they love the cover and telling people they have to like it if they're real fans , like ?? art is literally subjective and some random on a forum is not gonna convince people to like what they don't like. relax. move on.
  7. its literally an opinion. see how you have one about the cover in that you like it? others dont like it... like clockwork someone comes on here telling other people how to be a fan just because they dont like something she does
  8. it is easier to get into the us capital than to get a word in this topic rn
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