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  1. can i start the jack thirst now or should I wait
  2. I used to hate Coachella but something clicked and its one of my favs from l4l
  3. NOMINATE me DADDYAUERBACH FOR best username worst username THANK YOU
  4. this dress business is ridiculous ... are we still pretending like Gucci and Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs and other fashion houses aren't using child labor because they overcharge by 400%?
  5. non-black people cannot say the n-word. we took it back. changing the word from a tool of dehumanization to word of community.
  6. yeah until he said it twice ... either way you can see the words on the teleprompter before you say it
  7. im glad that lana continues to say she doesn't shy away from the criticism ... you don't get artist of the decade pretending you know everything
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