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  1. Hi everyone, do you know the main ceremony will begin at what time?
  2. [Spoken Outro: Margaret Qualley] Honey, I got up so early And then, I got into the shower I was just able to go back to sleep for a hour and a half So that rocked, um, anyway (Ah, ah) I had this dream where, um, aha, I don't know and then it comes "soundin off bang bang kiss kiss " i saw a youtuber saying that the vb part maybe is the dream and i don't know why but i like it and i liked the song more
  3. Just a post to really appreciate "sweet" and all the beautiful melodies in the song
  4. ofc i didn't watch all the reactions but those are the ones that i like the most ; jon denton and sherthetruth are not feeling it but they appreciate it anyway maybe they need time with it . I hope Ajayii will like it I can see her crying already
  5. I don't think it would be smthing else than piano ballads Rob is pianist and it will be sweet caroline kinda songs I like her reaction by the way she helped me understand more the lyrics
  6. I listened to the leaks the day it leaked and it's been 16 hours now since the release of the album but I'm still processing so many songs Fishtail every time i listen feels like the first time
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