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  1. 1) Off To The Races 2) Shades of Cool 3) Venice Bitch
  2. imaginist

    Ethel Cain

    All I know is that some day, I’ll have a Preacher’s Daughter brown vinyl in my hands and then I will collapse onto the floor and cry a river. She needs to make it happen already
  3. THAT lightning strike. God damn I bout lost my phone
  4. How about a remastered AKA re-release and its deluxe edition has a couple of popular unreleased tracks?
  5. Was just reminded from a twitter clip that Lana performed Flipside at MITA and I still can’t believe it happened. I wish she’d put it on streaming
  6. Maybe she’s just kinda like this idk maybe she’s just like this
  7. It better not be just for a tour announcement cuz I’m too broke to go anyway lmao, I will have zero hype. give me AKA re-release or LDR10 plz
  8. It’s cuz she’s there to perform too, I think she already did actually. Not sure if she is again or not
  9. Is there a youtube link or anything girlies? I'm a lil late
  10. Charlie’s the one that got the Brazil tattoo. Lana said in his live that she isn’t getting one
  11. Lost at Sea really came through and ended that trolling furry weeb it’s a cloudy and misty day by the lake and this song hits the spot
  12. By the time my racer jacket gets here, it’s gonna be too damn hot out to wear it
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