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  1. By the time my racer jacket gets here, it’s gonna be too damn hot out to wear it
  2. Canada store needs to get its shit together. I also do agree, we should get partial refunds for all these ridiculous delays. And I’m not even the one who paid for my stuff lmaooo
  3. Well 4.1 million is bigger than 2.6 million so yes I would say so!
  4. Yes it’s true. DYKTTATUOB gets like 2.2-2.6 million daily streams depending on the day
  5. Ok so anyway, are we getting an unreleased album or AKA Lizzie* Grant re-release?
  6. The general public is v stupid. It was needed
  7. I ordered my racer jacket on March 2nd and I still don’t have it lmao. This feels like a scam
  8. All of this PLUS the title track…. “Don’t forget me”
  9. Because it’s a video with music playing the entire time
  10. Gotta be honest, Candy Necklace was probably my least favorite song on this album. But, having visuals and discovering her intentions behind the song take it to a whole new level for me. I’m obsessed lol I also don’t recall ever being confused by her lyrics until I heard this for the first time. The video suits it so perfectly though and it all comes together
  11. To the haters, she literally made this video for you
  12. My jacket is supposed to ship today after being delayed like 4 times lmao. If it doesn’t ship today I’m probably gonna lose my mind at this point
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