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    ok this is a bit old and nobody probably cares but i just discovered it so i thought id share: basically most people will know the whole poppy titanic thing so im not gonna explain but in October titanic released an album; boo corny *tomato, tomato* but he’s still talking about her.. he literally made a threat to poppy on the song “Puppet”; “She can keep all of my possessions She stole from our old home She can keep my cat and keep **** too And keep guessing why she's alone She'd be wise to avoid Detroit And Texas too, at that 'Cause some friends of mine ain't happy And they all can smell a rat” literally sounds like school shooter vibes :/ also she broke up with ghost mane (unfollowed, removed all pics together- also confirm by ghostmane on discord ) and it seems like she’s doing better - he also was known to be abusive from multiple accounts; fucking underage girls on tour, treating women like shit etc. I’m curious if her next record will delve into that experience or maybe they ended on good terms..? I hope she’s okay though finding that titanic quote reminded me of all she’s been through and it’s a lot
  2. I’m literally Heartbroken by what Kristin went through, full statement here if anyone didn’t see it: https://twitter.com/lingua_ignota_/status/1469019331556225026?s=21
  3. princessdollie

    Azealia Banks

    didn’t think i would ever really say this but arca is so mature lol. azealia continues to dig herself a hole again and again and overshadows her talent with hateful spirited messages and blatant transphobia. she’s never gonna be in the position with the funds behind her to give us another BWET. she’s literally incapable of putting out a project with good mixing and it feels as if there’s no passion or self investment happening time and time again. people who believe she’s coming with something as good or even close to on par with BWET are truly delusional. i will light a candle for you if u support her and hold hate in your heart like that lol x
  4. can she just give us a halloween or darkpop album. we all know it’s what she thrives at and enjoyed doing and is actually passionate about. like every time she tries to do an album run with this this bland version of a katy perry song to appease her label it is so boringgggg the footage of her performing live (except for vma preshow) is so tragically embarrassing for her it was bad. when held next to her tour footage it’s so sad… she’s out here in some tj maxx leggings with a bunch of 30 year old men clacking “yaws kimmyyyy”
  5. Why does an actress have a thread on here I didn’t know she made music must check it out
  6. This video is still so funny to me they had no clue what to do with that big sony budget did they
  7. Her musics my fav but they keep pushing her to release Melanie Martinez knock off music cos her biggest song was in that vein - but check out her new EP tho it’s so good
  8. Capitol are such a shit label i know another girl who’s begging to be dropped from them rn
  9. princessdollie

    Azealia Banks

    she’s never gonna make a better record than her first and she’s fucked herself over soooo much. stanning azealia has got to be more painful than stanning sky ferreira because she’s been promising a follow up too but instead of just being silent and giving the illusion that it’s coming like sky azealia continuously fucks herself over instead of actually just making a good record. she’s standing in her own way and it’s so heartbreaking.. it’s like shitty mix droplet single every year or two just to keep her spotify numbers up lol
  10. okay so nobody is talking about scripture which is really sad to me because it’s sega bodega produced pop perfection and the video was so beautiful. side note: so she stated in a boiler room interview on IG live a while ago that she was finished with PAN records (after her two album deal irisiri and phoenix, with trinity mixtape being released on her own label chemical x in between the two and la petit mort edition counting as a remix album). she was basically saying that she was a free agent. she also said she was in conversation with a couple labels for her next project which was exciting to me as a fan because she had reached her artistic peak & had garnered an audience and now could sign wherever she wanted meaning quite a bit of leverage with labels for her.. i guess kind of funny to me with her single being out we now know that she ended up signing to diplos “mad decent” records. probably sounds a bit random to care about but i just think it’s funny because when POPPY was interviewed by NME about her involvement with the label back after she left it and signed to sumerian in 2019. she called the label “not functioning” and just “more of a tax write-off”. lol..hope they don’t fuck eartheater over
  11. in that grammy museum interview where she said that she “finished” another album ..that is such a vague statement for her considering mixing mastering process, vinyl production (since it’s the majority portion of her record sales). even before revisions and that’s if she didn’t decide to rework any of the songs especially for someone like twigs. the way her work contains so many intricate details which contribute to the beauty of her final work it makes so much sense for the album to be pushed back. anyway i really hope she has someone rework the sophie demooooooo i need a final release of that ?. not super hopeful though because she’s never been someone to go back to old songs :((
  12. princessdollie

    Jazmin Bean

    Omg so late to post but I loved this new song I can’t wait for their record.. Also did anyone get a vinyl of WWT? The pink ones are so cute but they sold out before I could get one.
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    Her nft looks like luxeria from YouTube lol
  14. This label doing nothing positive for her I really don’t feel like she’s got much more push than she already had from her publishing deal. The lead didn’t even get a proper video
  15. I love sega he’s such a talented producer and he’s so endearing in all of his interviews. Cute little nerd.
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    Use this media attention and release something girlboss we know that videos been shot and done
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    This record is turning out to be way less impactful than kick i in my opinion. I know that Kick i is obviously a seminal album from arca in regards to her transition in the same way ooepi was to SOPHIE so it’s hard to follow. But for real?? This album is so mundane so far.. We went from rosalia bjork shygirl and sophie to a sia collab..from a scrapped demo. The visuals for press shots are beautiful but it’s nothing new from her very similar to madre ep photos ..plus The video compared to non binary, time or mequetrefe from kick i?? - born yesterday is just simply not as exciting or visceral even though beautifully shot and emotive.
  18. princessdollie


    Press release said four …
  19. Pitchforks top 10 filthy little liars a list she would finally reach the top of
  20. Ok I’m so late with this but that born this way makeup collection is so disturbed. It feels like someone skinwalking as a clone of gaga. 10 years is not that long she is scaring me the hag beam has hit her so hard.
  21. Ariana grandes Christmas ep b side and I’m not even mad it’s so good tbh
  22. I hope she’s been working hard over quarantine I’m ready for her teen angst era ???
  23. Not a “reliable insider” y’all she’s not even a reliable insider herself how can others exist
  24. Oh no how will she promote her music now
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