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  1. sweetener


  2. sweetener

    Doja Cat

    the way the uber deluxe never happened lmao at least we're getting a video for get into it (yuh) eventually
  3. sweetener

    Doja Cat

    ICYMI: Planet Her deluxe CDs are dropping December 10th. First batch of physicals since the 5k webstore exclusive that was released alongside the album. US: https://www.target.com/p/doja-cat-planet-her-deluxe-edition-explicit-explicit-lyrics-cd/-/A-85002577 Canada: https://www.sunriserecords.com/product/194399456828/planet-her EU: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/doja-cat-planet-her/hnum/10759305 UK: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/doja-cat/planet-earth-deluxe-edition
  4. sweetener


    we need an updated unreleased tracker
  5. what happened to Unlock It, we didn’t even get a video. new music soon please xoxo
  6. sweetener

    Kim Petras

    this + the fact she can't pull off tongue in cheek / funny songs as well as Doja or even Katy. Coconuts is a parody of a pop song.
  7. sweetener

    Ryn Weaver

    bonnie x ryn would be so powerful lyrically and melodically... let's hope whatever this is actually comes to fruition. Ryn darling it's time to drop a new single or anything really.
  8. sweetener


    RAYE Unreleased Masterpost: https://mega.nz/folder/UqA1nSwT#cWR_gP5CK-KR8VLg21hGNQ she barely has anything out there unfortunately
  9. sweetener

    Azealia Banks

    7 years of this masterpiece btw missing her and what could've been one of the greatest female rap career of all time
  10. sweetener

    Azealia Banks

    the meltdown. I understand it's difficult to credit an abhorrent person for creating amazing music but you don't have to lie to yourself and act like her music pre-SlayZ wasn't excellent. Get your ears checked babe
  11. sweetener

    Azealia Banks

    9:24 p.m. | I ask Kim if she has any plans for later tonight, like maybe Azealia Banks’s probably more fun celebrity-studded Halloween party across town. She’d rather go to bed, she says, because she’s been up working all day, since 7 a.m. Plus, Kim says she once reached out to her hoping to work on a song together, but, according to Kim, Azealia responded by saying, “Actually I can’t, because I hate trans people.” The next day, she took it back. But it doesn’t bother Kim. “I see it as an honor to get dragged by Azealia Banks. She’s such a ****ing queen. I’m still her biggest fan.” https://www.thecut.com/2021/11/partying-with-kim-petras-at-bette-midlers-halloween-gala.html
  12. sweetener

    Kali Uchis

    iirc it got delayed and won't be coming out on RSD black friday anymore
  13. sweetener

    Charli XCX

    sweat is indeed scrapped from the album.
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