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  1. sweetener

    Billie Eilish

  2. sweetener


    Genesis is out June 7th.
  3. sweetener

    Billie Eilish

    is there another billie bossa nova on this album tho
  4. sweetener

    Azealia Banks

    Her first tour in years, very curious to see the setlist (her latest ones are a kii) and just see how it all plays out in general lol. You know i got my ticket too
  5. sweetener

    Bonnie McKee

    I've heard the album was intended for an end of May release for a while now so this tracks
  6. sweetener

    Ayesha Erotica

    we needed the cash grab version out last month and a deluxe with new material out next month but maybe that's too much wishful thinking
  7. sweetener

    Ayesha Erotica

    where's horny 4u
  8. sweetener

    Doja Cat

    the deluxe is amazing, probably her best work lyrically. loveeee to see her redeeming herself
  9. sweetener


    Tommy finally potentially seeing a release? God is real.
  10. sweetener

    Ayesha Erotica

    i wish we had an actual new date to look forward to !
  11. sweetener

    LIZ Y2K

    and columbia records ceo still won't let her put that EP on streaming lol!
  12. sweetener

    Ayesha Erotica

    we need an update tbh. give us an official announcement w/ cover + tracklist and the new date.
  13. sweetener


    CD tracklist 1. Intro (feature) 2. Safer 3. Water 4. Truth or Dare 5. Mess (feature) 6. Breathe Me 7. Butterflies 8. On and On 9. Jump (feature) 10. Art 11. On My Body (feature) 12. Priorities 13. To Last 14. Water (Remix)
  14. sweetener

    Ayesha Erotica

    I'm fairly optimistic about this release and I'm hoping that she can get this album out (with all the promised songs) with as few complications as possible so her fans can stop hounding her for everything and she can finally do what music she wants to do now. I hope she manages to get Vacation Bible School and Iconic on there because imagine the outrage if she doesn't... Considering she's been open about her mental health issues, I can only imagine the pressure of coming back after seeing your old music viral all over the internet while being completely detached from that headspace. Dropping H4U will be a great foundation for whatever music she wants to do next as well as having complete ownership of the songs that people have been profiting off of her for years now. An appropriate chapter closer to that part of her career. I think she should also do like a Greatest Hits compilation for streaming with all her viral and fan-demanded songs so she can get those back under her name as well. TLDR: perched for an official release of this on streaming ! Love that she wants to do CDs too
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