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  1. Hanna

    Instagram Updates

    Donatella VERSACE 💜
  2. the endless chart discussion and comparison to other artists, acting like charting and artistic recognition are mutually exclusive... where does this even come from other than having these numbers bashed into your brain by the popbase twitter account like get real 😭 lana is a successful and prolific artist and she will continue to be. just enjoy things
  3. Hanna

    Charli XCX

    it is such a good day to be lgbt
  4. the way this would absolutely wreck destroy and pillage my mind body and soul.
  5. Hanna

    Instagram Updates

    she truly is the blueprint
  6. Hanna

    Charli XCX

    LMAO im pretty sure she’s saying “work angles” but now i will just hear cankles
  7. Hanna

    Instagram Updates

    timeless joyful radiant glowing beauty inside and out like wow we really are alive at the same time as her
  8. Hanna

    Instagram Updates

    what exactly is the controversy about jack... he is a conventionally attractive guy in his 30s who is mildly famous and a little edgy
  9. the real DELUSION is witnessing that performance and being disappointed
  10. the fact that she managed to make that even fucking hotter is incomprehensible
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