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  1. Like I said; no performance no award. I’m gong to bed now. It’s such a sadness. Good night
  2. Guys. It’s over she’s not performing. She’s not going to get the Album of the Year neither song of the year. I’m so so sad.
  3. My heart is aching so much. I do not want another 2020! Pleasse!!!
  4. It’s all about money my friend, they don’t really think about musicians and sound artists really
  5. I don’t think, my heart can take another 2020 again tonight. Regardless what happens, it’s her night, let’s make it her night, ok?
  6. Exactly. If she attends that in the afternoon and get one, she’ll give a speech. But since she’s not singing in the main event, I don’t think we should hope that much. Billie is singing the Barbie song for a reason. Very unfortunately
  7. If we are lucky, her speech will be for the alternative category. No performance = no Soty+Aoty unfortunately
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