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  2. Haha, okay, I see your "I'm a sad girll" and raise you "You wanted me sadder., you wanted me sadder" Candy necklaces x infinity "When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags".
  3. Do you guys think that the picture disc will be rare in the future?
  4. oooo let her talk girl you’re spittingggg!!! I’m living for this someone needs to reply something bitter back so we can get this drama started
  5. ocean blvd does seem to dig deepest into her life but i feel like violet + blue banisters + ocean blvd altogether give you all you need to know to understand her life story. after listening to all 3 of those records, its hard to not get it.
  6. Girl OB has songs which are so much better lyrically like pls they're too many to list out. They aren't like "I'm a Saad girl ima baaaad girl" "Guns n roses x infinity" Summer bummer
  7. why can she not be both sweet and a whore? and i feel like a&w has a bit of disillusionment that comes from realizing someone doesn't see you as a life partnwr but just as a body to use which makes it following sweet make perfect sense
  8. i hope i'm not overstepping here but i definitely feel like a man (especially straight man) having an issue with the qftc is a red flag. strikes me as one of those performative "feminist" guys who actually hate women but can only take it out on women whose opinions differ from thr appeoved narrative. but i don't know him, so i could be wrong. hopefully he comes around to the album and maybe it'll help him understand where lana is coming from.
  9. Can someone kind send me the "mother" uncensored version of Fingertip ? I haven't DL the leaks and so I missed this Just found it <3
  10. Today
  11. This and grandfather build so well to that climax-moment in their respective songs that I just love hearing. Here the song reaches it's high point with the line "my sister's first born child" which is very telling. She must love that baby so much.
  12. i can't believe dance for money was just accidentally deleted on page 4
  13. i've been listening to this sm lmao why must i love the melody of an a cappella demo this hard + i rly can't tell for sure but for now i think i hear "i have visions of an artist who one day can become poetry/i have visions of an artist who wanted to become poetry" and "i could become a magnificent singer or royalty/nobility"
  14. How do you cancel an order? I see that they restocked the alt CD’s and I’d rather have those than the vinyl. The white CD cover is the one with alt booklet art right?
  15. yes. Actually so far I thought it's a problem of the fnac copies, lol. I saw only complaints from fnac orders so far.
  16. Did anyone who ordered the dark pink vinyl from Fnac have a problem with the poster being glued to the inner sleeve? I ordered from Fnac and there was no glue whatsoever and my friend ordered from there too and there wasn't any glue there either. Maybe it's a Target and/or HMV problem?
  17. "Down on the west coast, we gotta sayin', if you're not drinkin', then you're not playin'' - iconic White Dress also has incredible lyrics. As does Love... You're just wrong. Soz.
  18. i will never understand her intention behind this track. Was it to praise him or mock him or what He is such a problematic figure
  19. Leeches outro terrifies me. Honestly gives me panic attacks every time.
  20. this vid bc its true lol anywaaay
  21. but is the leaked version final one?
  22. We should stop thinking she replaced song A in favor of song B etc. Mel’s head is random we can’t say she scrapped Sirens in favor of BOTL or whatever. She decided this album the way it is and its kinda of a personal attack that she highkey almost scrapped TV. we won’t ever decipher this tracklist and, personally, even if the MM3 sessions didn’t leak I think we would get this same album tracklist either way and thats tea
  23. I also wished they would bring back the old stuff again, it cannot have sold out completely. I always loved and still love the quality of the tees and hoodie (BB Eyes) though, also of the bee crewneck. I got so many of the tees and wear them almost daily. So actually I don't mind the price, just the shipping always adds so much... Besides, they were all made in the US - I hope the cotton comes from there, too. (I prefer this, as I suppose the people who created them were probably better paid than those who usually have to work in Bangladesh and other countries for almost no income.) The candles and air fresheners are lovely, too. The items I would avoid though are the mugs (not dishwasher safe, which you should expect when they charge you 30 USD for it, and even a few normal washes might destroy them - might be the same for the glasses, but I don't know) and cropped hoodies. I ordered once a normal hoodie (the Cartoon one) and it turned out to be a cropped one. It had an unseamed hemline and was of total thin material,no way as pictured. I got a refund for it in the end. Detailed information on LDR village merch:
  24. I took measure of some of my LDR village items when I got them last year. I will have a look for them and share them here. So if they didn't change their sizes, which I doubt, you should know then. Edit: Found them. All measurements in cm. All clothing says "made in the USA". tote bag - not washable Bee crewneck in M wolf tee in M the cropped hoodie compared to what I ordered, lol. Size S. (When I ordered, it was not cropped yet, got a full refund.) Ladies' tee "Not all those who wander...", size M. (So, if it's for women only, they might write so, as they did back then.) BB eyes hoodie in M Sweet Carolina tee - that's how most of the Blue Banisters tees were like: not dishwasher safe mug - if you look closely, you will see how the prints comes off already before washing: Thank you so much for this very detailed informaton! Will compare this to the other hoodies I got soon. Edit: I just compared it, that's pretty interesting. Looks like the new hoodie is less wide, but much longer than the BB eyes hoodie.
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