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  2. The end of LL is so perfect, I love that she didn’t touch it I love a good wail, the other day I was driving and wailing along with her and it was in that moment I reached ~perfection~
  3. You all forgetting Violets for Roses , it needs to get added to that list
  4. Sweet Carolina is just so beautiful I even cried a little on my 2nd listen. The way piano flop is on its way to become my fave song from this album.
  5. 5 girls equals 5 songs!! don’t forget Living Legend yall…. WAAAWAAAWAAWAAAWAAWWAAAWAAAAA!
  6. blameitonme

    Charli XCX

    we need the second single
  7. OMAGA. INCOMING INTERVIEW+ performance...based on the tv guide :o. the day has finally come arise little fuckers. Our queen will drag IMAN through the mud on the show sksksksk
  8. Blue Banisters is the album I thought Chemtrails would be…
  9. Yesterday, I realized that BBS reminds me of the whole pandemic…
  10. Haven't kept up with what she's been saying about the deluxe but I really hope it won't just be the album with happy loner, pink convertible and some remixes tacked on. The remixes have been so bad & this album really needs a good deluxe that has a few more upbeat songs so it all ties together. (the tracklist being rearranged a bit for the deluxe would be nice aswell)
  11. Today
  12. pleaseeeee i need Pink Convertible & Happy Loner
  13. I am very curious how she will appear and perform. Her last photo was a few days ago and she is a quick-change artist. Will she look like in the last Arcadia video or completely different with a new hairstyle?
  14. Ok, BBS makes more sense on 2nd listen. But I don't know when I'll get used to the weird vocals closer to the end. Strong "NO P'leEeaSe" vibes.
  15. Nectar of the Gods came on shuffle when I was walking to work this morning, and I think it's starting to grow on me
  16. Could pls post SS of BoZ confirming the Beautiful streaming version having strings sadly ATRL is locked
  17. Black Bathing Suit, Dealer, If You Lie Down With Me, Thunder, and Beautiful on their way to slay the world on Friday
  18. Plsss y’all smoke too much crack sometimes
  19. 3 days to go and the rest of the world still has no idea what will overwhelm it.
  20. yeah its camp tbh also the kid looks like an asshole i know whose entire personality is communist aesthetics it's so cringe, i'm holding this kid accountable for both crimes! get him Lana
  21. 1. Blue Banisters (not sure if that will change after the newness wears off) 2. Honeymoon 3. AKA 4. NFR 5. Ultraviolence 6. Paradise 7. Born To Die 8. Sirens 9. COCC 10. Lust for Life
  22. 4 days until the meltdown and (possible) LDR9 first album title announcement
  23. I can now understand even better why this wildflower left sm, because every little fucker is capable of starting a wildfire there.
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