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  1. i think someone's confusing left my body and dance to forget. i think we have always had a full hq lmb but we've only ever had dtf with a repeated verse.
  2. https://x.com/vince_spears/status/1703815739579494532?s=20 this is so funny
  3. oh shes taking it with this sad day rework
  4. I literally support all her releases so why cant EYE get Your Time To Cry!!!!!!!
  5. https://symphony.to/tinashe/bbang3l
  6. I'm really excited to see her later this month!
  7. it's just fan speculation because of the title BBSLASHANG3L
  8. A lot can be said about Baby Tate but this is not one of them..
  9. i have enough crash merch. im so sad about trade stealing my keys with my vroom vroom keychain and my little plastic angel wings keychain from sucker broke
  10. BB/ANG3L next week! I think it's only 7 songs?
  11. why is it still up like is it really this easy to upload your remix of an unreleased song to apple and amazon music?
  12. it's embarrassing yeah that she herself is announcing a "messy era" and all she's got is...unfollowing Rina Sawayama...
  13. why would she rerelease the spanglish version of the way
  14. Still not a fan of TTMN but Needs bitch!! The video is fun!! That verse is so fun!!
  15. marina's not really hurting for coin ever since she got promoted to supervisor at tj maxx and started living within her means
  16. https://dbree.org/v/ee0485
  17. did she actually spill anything about lizzo? all i remember is her hating her fatness.
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