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  1. Still not a fan of TTMN but Needs bitch!! The video is fun!! That verse is so fun!!
  2. marina's not really hurting for coin ever since she got promoted to supervisor at tj maxx and started living within her means
  3. https://dbree.org/v/ee0485
  4. did she actually spill anything about lizzo? all i remember is her hating her fatness.
  5. i think if they were even considering a music profession, they would've at least put out some of their own music by now. i dont even think they make music at all anymore so its like why do you guys even keep mentioning a sophie release? like what do you want relevance for?? if you dont have anything else to check out?
  6. Yes. I get we're on a fan forum so in the threads if you're like 'omg elizabeth grant i need you to release this' is whatever but if you see her at a restaurant and you're like 'OMG ELIZABETH GRANT WILL YOU TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME" you should expect to be ignored and escorted away by a member of her team.
  7. That's weird.. and i've always said that. FKA twigs seems to be the only one out there to address that itd be inappropriate and weird for a fan to call her tahlia in the streets. Anyway people were right to call out her man but these fans are like 'omg amala i know you this isnt you youre a perfect queen leave the person who you go on trips with and lay with and sit up online with your actual friends<3', when girl you dont know her like that.
  8. Nobody even said she hates her fans, she's just not gonna sit there and let these people on twitter call her by her first name and act like a fan page is gonna affect the trajectory of her career. I mean, the fact that the pressure should have at least been focused on her questionable boyfriend but the whole internet was up in arms because she told a random fan online 'i don't love you cause i dont know you'
  9. I'm gonna paint the town Gonna go all night Gonna do it my way
  10. This song is better than Attention. not afraid to reference or not reference
  11. i think you're missing Heading Home, Bullets In Ya Store, and Call Me (they said it was an early demo but it's really a whole different song) oh and the 3:11 you got the game fucked up is called Real
  12. what other song is the melody from from that line in pressure where shes like "its hard to get this hot shit off of your mind, this shit so sticky you keep callin my line"
  13. oh yeah now that i remember, is the version we have of i'm done a remix?
  14. i would have liked the explicit version to have been released too but at least they recorded a cleaner song and didnt just like censor some words out
  15. a b s o l u t e l y i get sauce like pasta smoke like a rasta
  16. Can someone link me to whatever demos we have besides like the first 3 that leaked? (Claws uhoh and Bait)
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