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  1. wow are you kidding i missed the rough trade RINA repress because i left the page to sign in
  2. I can make you kum (kum) I can make it fun (fun) !
  3. Kinda hope that leak was somewhat accurate and Your Time To Cry got taken over by Joel Corry and he releases it since it's probably not on her album
  4. however tf the chorus in taco truck goes where shes like lanita/bonita/reseda/carlitos way
  5. is there a what?
  6. I like Problematique beginning to end so I really don't mind what songs from it will be released...obviously there are some I like more than others but whatever I'm excited
  7. When was Sex Talk confirmed? and honestly.....
  8. the true romance repress is amazon us for $20
  9. X is my favoriteeeeee. Pearl was funnnnnn. Super excited for Maxxxine. Love these movies and Mia. I wonder if Halsey is gonna have a big role.
  10. she has some juvenile lyrics sometimes but i am willing to sit here and wait for her to fine tune her production and find what works for her !
  11. comeintomybedroom


    I've been meaning to make her own thread (she's a solo artist at this point so the Chloe x Halle thread isn't appropriate). Her debut album "In Pieces" is so good. I know it's a meme to drag her music, but I feel like those people haven't actually listened.
  12. and the other derogatory terms are ~a big issue~ too
  13. mod note: user was warned for this post ... *word is still there*... ACTUAL mod note: red text is for mod use only :---)
  14. All the things you did to me I forgive them quietly But I will never forget Still I end up in your bed who woulda thought she was talking about herself? a true reverse warholian experience
  15. That new version of Block girl that repeated verse is even better the second time
  16. can someone post in the lobby in hq? omg i wish i was seeing her. one (1) show in california??
  17. this reaction reminds me of when Broken came out as the lead single..but not even that got the amount of slander Alone is getting.. this extended version
  18. Buy Alone! https://kimpetras.lnk.to/aloneYD girl how dare you making me think maybe nicki's verse had a phoned in copy/paste instrumental switch. this is not "drill" omg
  19. can you leak the lyu demo with the sirens for us non talented angels that cant really do anything with stems♥
  20. Brooke said she couldn't release the song she did with Sophie (Oh Yeah) because Sophie wanted too much money for it
  21. I guess basside said that Sophie gifted those songs to them it's kinda funny i think brooke candy was the only artist that Sophie actually charged for her work
  22. omg!! havent they confirmed reason why also to be coming every year for like the past five years tho!! bc kingdom i like you guys with your four songs in the past like 10 years but this is annoying like actually make some noise when its label ready to be dropped in the coming weeks
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