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  1. Totally with you. If Lana has forgiven her mom, more power to her. I’m currently mending my relationship with mine too.
  2. Lana’s mom Patty. On ig there’s pics of Lana meeting fans and it looks a lot like her mom is in the background. Like A LOT
  3. For the love of fuck we need a Bay Area date that isn’t a festival or a small ass venue. The last time she played a decent sized venue here was literally 2015
  4. There’s a super short video of her after party look she’s tagged in on ig
  5. Right?? It looks like if crocs & an early 2000’s running shoe had a baby. I need close ups
  6. Charli xcx wearing used t-shirts is a CHOICE
  7. Agreed. I know ones rumors and ones everything but this is chaotic af
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