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  1. I just saw some tiktok that said "lana sucks why r u stanning someone who sold coke spoons to their underage fans" And someone in the comments saying the old 'she romanticised abuse'.. yes i responded Poor Lana getting attacked by SJWs and Christians the same day and she's not even doing anything Old Bone / Trust No Man
  2. Based on the snippet, i don't see how TJF could sound like NFR.. unless we're talking cinnamon girl vibes?
  3. She can do what she wants and has shown disinterest in maintaining fans though (saying she doesn't care about losing fans in her 2017 Complex interview and publicly missing her old life). I don't really think Lana cares all that much about commercial success/high charting at this point. I could be wrong of course though.
  4. yayowen

    Song vs. Song

    California vs. The Greatest
  5. COCC got 1,296,615 streams yesterday and is at #61 on global Spotify!
  6. I have faith in this. If the album is good, it will resonate. If we know anything it's that Lana does not need critics' support
  7. This is an interesting take. I agree that songs from albums can blend together initially and i also like to get to know songs individually! But i also love the newness, like it's Christmas or something. Songs can get overplayed and feel a bit stale by the time an album comes out, and i want to minimise that. Plus i love whole albums, not just songs - and i find that with great albums, i gravitate toward different songs at different times anyway, without the need to hear them at a different time from the rest of the project.
  8. I got broken up with a couple months back too, i'm doing okay now but i hope everything works out for you and hopefully this album gives us all something to relate to and enjoy!
  9. For me, the production is the issue. I love love the verses and the bridge! but the chorus feels too jarring and i don't particularly like the production ngl
  10. Yeah.. this shit seems so familiar and reminds me of that scandal that came to light this year about the P!nk impersonator on X Factor. Media setting people up to make them look like clowns so they can profit off of them. The film Joker is another similar comparison which portrayed the phenomenon quite effectively. I wish Lana didn't feel like she had to cave to the pressure by explaining herself, but how could she not after people have treated her the way they have the past year?
  11. So there weren't 1.2m more spotify plays added but there were around 400k still! That's still odd though, are they from today?
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