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  1. Yessssss. I would die for Body Electric & Candy Necklace hybrid album. Manifesting mors strings please
  2. I always appreciate writers and singers more than just singers. Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana or Mariah can definitely sing but it's more about interpretation than actual connection to the song. Imagine Ariana singing Pink Champagne and getting credits for some 'yuh'
  3. bluedealer


    10 fucking years This was one of my favourite album when I was 17 and as I grow old I cannot connect to it anymore but this information made me shiver wow.. This album (especially Ribs and A World Alone) is essential to my adolescence as well as UV
  4. WAKE UP LIPSTERS WE WILL HAVE THE RECORDING OF OCEAN BLVD TOUR (might be delulu but check her last posts)
  5. bluedealer


    This album is so fucking cute
  6. bluedealer


    @PARADIXO @prettywhenimhigh I'm glad you liked it I agree with you mostly. It's definitely a grower, after that interview I expected it to be more sad, like Phoenix. Sugarcane is one of the best song I've heard this year. Monumental as you said Crushing is the biggest surprise of this album for me. Never imagined her in this kind of production but this is amazing. Tbh I kinda wish LDRX would sound like this it gives me Dealer x Ocean Blvd vibes At first I was disappointed hearing Clean brake, because I listened to live version of it on YouTube and thought it's going to be more like How To Fight. Now I love it. Speaking of Heels Over Head it is so good I love this song. It feels like it's going nowhere but that's the point for me.. like 'come for me' edging queen. I love the 'Somersaulting' it's sexy Loove the tempo of Mona Lisa Moan and the backing vocals it really feels like being absorbed into the vacuume. Pure Smile Venom is one of my fav song this year, everything about it is just perfect. I expected a little bit more from Salt of the Earth but still a great song. Overall 9/10, the production is top shelf, her vocals are smooth. Definitely unexpected but I'm pleasantly surprised I read someone's theory that her last albums represent each element. Trinity = water, Phoenix = fire, Powders = earth. Even the album covers and the small samples of dripping water or sparks perviously, and now the drums as hard as the solid/earth. If this is true then Aftermath is going to be 'the air'
  7. can someone tell me what's going on. is Masochism leaked or is it going to be released finally?
  8. bluedealer


    Mona Lisa Moan is so good. The fact that the album cover colours match the actual Mona Lisa painting is just wow Heels over Head is hot I love it this album is satisfying
  9. I always thought that You can be the boss/ Us against the world/ Diet mountain dew (demo) was the real Lana Americana. If that's the vibe then I'm not complaining
  10. bluedealer


    Sugarcane Switch is amazing and Crushing right after didn't expect anything like this from her. I love the production as always she ate
  11. I miss West Coast live... it brings so much energy to her concerts
  12. I used to skip '24' for years and it finally clicked some time ago. Like GOD DAMNN her vocals.....the production . Btw for me it feels like UV and HM are sisters somehow yet very different. I love the concept of 'honeymoon' after she was a 'bride' in the UV music video
  13. I still kinda wish for Million Dollar Man
  14. I have to admit that I'm not listening to this album much because I really have to be in very specific mood for this one. The intro of the title track is out of this universe.... I love honeymoon era so much The richest production she has ever had for sure.
  15. and we are waiting for the second coming of psychedelic surf rock... hoping for the resurrection of drums and electric guitars
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