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  1. it's so hard to rank each song oh god. Listening to Paris for the second time and now it clicked
  2. 8 minutes for me Btw I'm super happy for all of you that haven't heard leaks omg it must feel good to have self control Anyways listening to Margaret, Grandfather, Paris Texas, Kintsugi and interludes for the first time very soon such a beautiful night
  3. I'm really curious about this one. I can't imagine mv to this song but Lee knows what he's doing for sure
  4. She was possessed by snake in CN with all her sss ss sss 🐍🐍🐍 still obSSSesssssed with this track one for the books
  5. Tbh If I were scared of my own mother I would censor it too. It might be wired for us but still it is very personal to Lana
  6. Can we stay positive tho? Our beloved Lana Del Rey is coming in 24h (for me) can't believe we will be blessed with such a powerful album. I still remember the way she announced the announcement on HolaTV, such a iconic moment. Time passed so quickly I'm gonna light my candles tommorow this time and lay in comfy bed with headphones on even tho I heard some leaks the release day is very special to my heart.
  7. Thanks! Hopefully they won't fuck up this time but seriously wow claiming that spotify premium allows you to listen in higher quality and then this happens 💀 Anyways praying there won't be any issues!
  8. I'm sorry, now I've seen that. But still I think it's not really related to Lana.
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