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  1. is anybody still here? no crumbs? no fake info? no bitches? Current delulu rate: 0
  2. 1 day delay but happy 3 months bday to Rockefeller snippet I hope you're still at least alive baby storyteller
  3. only 1 week till December and still no crumbs
  4. I blame Ben for everything Maybe Lana wanted to surprise us but he constantly killing the vibe with his rocket emojis and nevercoming soon's
  5. ok now I'm hyped... Thank u King <3
  6. please @111 @DragonWhore is it even possible we would get a single this year?
  7. Thank u queen <3 let's manifest single this week!
  8. But for real it's my bday on Saturday so I would be happy for some Friday release single
  9. I wonder how many times she changed the concept of this album at this point
  10. If Ben's here he definitely saw us talking about his big rocket o fella and this is his revenge So this long ass acronym could be from Halsey??
  11. FINALLY something more than crumbs cuz I've been so hungry
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