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  1. Ok but where on Fishtail is Chuck a speaker? It credits her as a speaker but I don’t hear her on the track at all but I may be crazy…
  2. What’s interesting about Fingertips though is that it’s one of the more viewed songs on Genius of the album. Goes to show at least the people streaming it are streaming it for the right reasons and that is the lyrics
  3. Yall 🚬 gettin too comfortable on the internet
  4. Candy Necklace and Paris Texas sitting comfortably at the bottom of ranking just above the interludes…
  5. Last post in the thread, my ranking of the album (copying other user on this page) 1. Kintsugi 2. Grandfather 3. A&W 4. Fishtail 5. DYK 6. Candy Necklace 7. Let the Light In 8. The Grants 9. Fingertips 10. Sweet 11. Taco Truck 12. Margaret 13. Paris Texas 14. Peppers 15. Jon Batiste 16. Judah Smith
  6. Im sorry but this album is so fucking boring I need Born to Die Lana back at least Peppers did SOMETHING for me. Like what was she thinking…
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