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    Do you guys think there will also be livestreams for the rest of the European dates ? As the fierce editor she is, she should have a DVD release of the best performances of the whole tour and a super deluxe edition with all the shows. I mean all the setlists are different and have different arrangements plus she performed songs she hasn't performed in year. That's gold for the fans. Glad you found it. Great song. There are many more that I'm sure you'll enjoy.
  2. saith

    FKA twigs

    So apparently it's a duet she haven't written for the movie The King's Man. I don't know what to expect but at least it's something
  3. Sorry guys, didn't notice the 10th was so close. it's coming
  4. Can't wait. Are you certain that chapter 1 is coming tonight ? Pitchfork says title track today and first chapter on november 10 :
  5. saith


    Bjork repeating the same sentence... "Sue me ! sue me ! sue me !" came in mind but that's definitly not what you've been vibing to. The reason you don't remember it is probably your mind telling you that you need to hear all of her amazing work while scanning for it
  6. This is beautiful. I've been playing the song on repeat today and it gave me right away the feeling that Lana sounded like a ghost on this version while I didn't notice it in the demo. Her vocals are the same but I think Barrie rerecorded his parts witch makes such a contrast. It makes so much sense to keep it that way. The video is also moving and really confirms this feeling. The song has a whole new meaning now and Lana is clearly haunting him. To add to the feet discussion, I'de like to mention that Lana's feet are on this video even if she didn't play in it. It mirrors her bare feets on the Blue Banisters video. There's really something reflecting between their arts. In Lana's live stream she said that the link with someone you loved once is never really gone. It feels deeply true for Barrie and her.
  7. Hey guys, I've been listening to the Honeymoon instrumentals today and I tough it sounded really fitting for Halloween. The lyrics of that album may not be, but I think the music alone has the witchy elements that many fan have been wanting from Lust for Life. It is quite creepy starting with the strings from the title track, to the creepy laughing in Salvatore. The soundscape is pretty dark during the whole album. It really creates a mood. If you're having a themed party, this should be your go to playlist What do you guys think ?
  8. saith

    Instagram Updates

    The livestream was great. It was such a heartfelt moment to share (even if I've seen it afterwards on youtube). I love the interaction she had we fans from soul to soul. I love that what she said had so much impact a lot of us but she was also impacted by what the fans said. Does any of them have an account on here and who are they ?
  9. Well Sirens has never been released, only sent to people by Lana for prospection. In the other end Lana Del Ray has been released digitally and stayed there for 3 months before being removed. Technically it's definitely not unreleased, just not available anymore. David Khane said she bought the rights. It led to Yayo being available for Paradise.
  10. The way this topic is named post-release discussion when the album hasn't been released is beautifuly weird.
  11. Here are my first toughs about it : Is the cover that looks like a mix of the original one with a less farther version of the HMV one real ? Am I allowed to post it here as it's not from an official source ?
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