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    This is beautiful. Peak Bjork. I love her recent very experimental music (I love Vulnicura and Utopia, had more trouble with Fossora), but I'm very happy to hear some poppier and like @King said melodic songs. Plus there some recent Bjork creeping in the production (with the very Utopia-like flutes) and some modern sounds too. I hope we'll get an experimental pop album with this type of sound in the future.
  2. Those pictures are gorgeous. The ones with the fringe wig are reminiscent to the Lizzy days (in dark hair version) and the Honeymoon photoshoot.
  3. Thanks you both for the informations. The pictures are gorgeous, I love them. I can see how Black beauty could be a sister track.
  4. Thank you. The picture they used is beautiful. It is more suited for the song than the picture that was used on streaming. I love that dates back from the era during which the song was recorded. Is the full picture available somewhere ? What version of black beauty is featured and why is it there ? Did it go viral recently ?
  5. saith

    FKA twigs

    That's beautiful. I love how she sampled herself in a rework of Fine day. The lyrics from the latter are miroring Sad Day perfectly. The ending is so emotional. She's in her Madonna era and it does suit her pretty fine especially since she's always been a strong advocator for Voging and queer culture.
  6. saith


    New single released today ! Release is aligned with their O2 Headline show tonight. It comes 10 years after Flatline, pretty much on the 23 anniversary of Overload. Plus the physical for the Lost Tapes are being shipped on the same day (perfect way to get closure and start the new era). I was disappointed on first listen but it's grown on me a lot, it's cute and summery. Not as good as any of their previous leads singles but as far as we know, it could be only a buzz single. Love Mutya's vocals and the harmonies.
  7. So I finally made my own french translations for track titles. This was a very good exercice that helped me realize a lot of titles have double meaning which makes them hard to translate. It was actually quite fun to do this. Reading them in French made me revisit some tracklists and see how interesting and evocative they are. Ultraviolence in particular is so shocking and daring. Reading the translation is like reading it for the first time. I remember I believed it was a fake one when I first read it. Nés pour mourir Paradis Ultraviolence Lune de miel Soif de vivre Putain de Norman Rockwell ! Chemtrails au dessus du Country Club Balustrades bleues
  8. saith

    FKA twigs

    Can anyone upload this on Kraken please ? Dbree is banned in my country
  9. Well you said nothing. Please do. Has this been discussed a lot before ? LDRX album title being Heart Shaped Sunglasses at the Festival Under Scrutinity is now confirmed
  10. saith


    Same here. Jai Paul's Zion Wolf came to mind. I don't know who this guy is. Yeah, it doesn't sound like her at all. I saw your comment before hearing it but I do agree that it sounds very similar. I would probably have been mistaken. It does also remind me of Dark Paradise's intro.
  11. The show seems nice. Is it gonna be streamed like some of her previous Lollapalooza appearances ?
  12. Yeah, that was obviously gonna be difficult to get ticket, the demand is immense. Honestly, I think the Olympia is a much better experience than any bigger venue for those who could manage to get ticket and it's probably also better for Lana herself and the quality of her performance. I think Lana and her music are cut for small audiences. She works much better in intimate environment and she probably has less stage fright. Plus the venue is the most iconic one in France, it has history. It's a dream for any artist who knows about the place to play there. I just hope it will be recorded and released. It would be a missed opportunity not to do so. Both recorded performance from this tour had big issues (mic issues, cut short performances, Lana seeming unconfortable...) and I think those are less likely to happen is smaller venues where's she's the only performer.
  13. I still couldn't get tickets while keeping on refreshing multiple websites.
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