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  1. They said it all. I'de be very interested to hear how you'll decide to approach this and what's your feeling toward her discography. You're so lucky being new to Lana. That's such a great place to be.
  2. Thanks a lot for the infos Thanks Wonder what she would have sang with Kehlani
  3. Ok thanks a lot for your reply. I've seen that Billie Eilish was there, did she have any other guests ? Was she show professionnaly recorded and steamed and If so is there a way to download it. I'm not gonna watch until my show but I'de like to archivate it to see it afterwards.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm going to see Lana this summer so I don't want to be spoiled about the setlist and all by browsing the whole topic but I need some reply on general topics : Is it a new show a a continuation of the one she did last year ? (I want to know if it's pretty much the same setlist and same staging as last years's show but don't want anything too specific) Did she sing new songs (I don't need to know how many) ? Did she sing Coachella for Coachella ? What is the controversy about on that show ? Was she good ? Thanks to the kind heart who will reply to me
  5. saith

    Bat For Lashes

    I adore The Bride. it is such a daring concept with intense storytelling. I love the throback feel of Lost Girls but I have more trouble to stay connected to the album even if I like it. I'm pretty sure you'll like some stuff of the new album. I also prefer the first single.
  6. saith

    Bat For Lashes

    I so agree. It is a spiritual journey entirely and I'm pretty sure the album's gonna be. She's playing at a festival I'm going in France and I just can"t wait !
  7. saith


    So I did some reseach and it's definitely not clear. The first album is obviously called Renaissance and has also been referred in official sources as Act I: Renaissance. The second album has been announced as simply Act II, and it might not change unless they want to keep it a surprise until closer to the release. The trilogy has not been officially named but I've seen many articles talking about the Renaissance Trilogy. Might be an error of intepretation of Beyoncé's initial press release about renaissance and the trilogy. Let's wait and see.
  8. saith


    Has a name been mentioned for the Three act project ? At first I tough Renaissance was global name of the project but It's obviously just Act I.
  9. I love this. It really gave me hope for the country album. If they take the same approach to country as they did to Blues on this one, I'de be very pleased. Plus it reminded me of her country songs she sang live (Hey Baby Blue, I must be stupid...) which are unexpectedly upbeat.
  10. Me making my Grocery List "Take a minute to yourself, skinny dip in my mind"
  11. I'm so disappointed for you. Antartica must be the experience tough. I hope you'll both have fun there and that you'll get a chance to see her soon.
  12. Thanks god I got my tickets on the last. Garden was too expensive. Can't believe I'm finally seing her.
  13. It's already complete. I didn't even get a chance to get tickets on the presale. One again. I though this time there would be enough tickets. I'm devastated. If anyone is reselling please PM me. EDIT: Nevermind, I was too early. I got the queue then it was saying sold out.
  14. saith


    This is beautiful. Peak Bjork. I love her recent very experimental music (I love Vulnicura and Utopia, had more trouble with Fossora), but I'm very happy to hear some poppier and like @King said melodic songs. Plus there some recent Bjork creeping in the production (with the very Utopia-like flutes) and some modern sounds too. I hope we'll get an experimental pop album with this type of sound in the future.
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