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  1. It's probably Taylor wanting to make it sound more Lana-ish. There are lot of Fucking and fuck in Lana's songs since Ultraviolence. Only Born to die was supposedly censored with the "fuck you hard in the pouring rain" line being edited. I agree with you that it adds nothings to that song but i'm still ok with it.
  2. I think it sounds great and it's refreshing to finally hear Lana fully in this. I don't think her voice is Ai generated. It sounds as if it was prooly recorded, heavily compressed and processed to better the quality. The instrumental sounds a bit less ethereal with the piano added but I can deal with that. I guess they wanted to make it sound more a Lana track. The processed vocals plus the fact that the Lana version has been existing as an AI generated song for weeks or months.
  3. Knowing that this interview happened after VB was created. Maybe her double Taco day inspired her to write the Taco part that same day ?
  4. saith

    FKA twigs

    Thanks so much. I almost missed that there are also songs for other era on the root folder. I am still missing the Radiant Me songs. Anyone has a link that is not from Dbree please ? @rancidgirl ?
  5. Don't worry. She definitely won"t do that. She'll sings Born to die songs instead
  6. Thank you for that rate Elle. Having AKA in there would have been nice but I understand that it was omitted as it's not been legally available for the last 13 years. Some things will evolve with me listening more of Did you know but Here's my top 20 : 1 Video Games 2 West Coast 3 Chemtrails Over the Country Club 4 Love 5 Venice Bitch 6 Mariners Apartment Complex 7 White Dress 8 The Greatest 9 Shades of Cool 10 Ultraviolence 11 Text Book 12 The Grants 13 Blue Velvet 14 Old Money 15 Cherry Blossom 16 Let The Light In 17 Tomorrow Never Came 18 A&W 19 Black Beauty 20 Ride Some choices where really hard as her discography has lots of gems. There are also a few tough that were fighting for being my least favorite songs : 133 Is This Happiness 134 I Can Fly 135 Guns and Roses 136 In My Feelings
  7. So you think they're using bootlegs ? If she knows the owner isn't there a chance she gave him an exclusive ?
  8. I don't know if it's been posted before but Lana has a post on her Honeymoon instagram about a jukebox with her songs. In the songs listed, Yes to heaven appears. It could be an unauthorized use of that song and Lana could still be posting about it but it seems like another weird coincidence. Video could be seen here for those who don't have access to Lana's Instagram.
  9. saith

    FKA twigs

    Can anyone reupload those Radient me songs plus Miss Me and One time please ? Dbree is banned on my country so Kraken or wetransfer would be great. Thank you in advance.
  10. "Grandfather ..." is a nightmare to say or spell but it's ICONIQUE. I wouldn't change that but that alternative is nice. I'm in love is already West Coast
  11. Well the question don't seem to be settled as can be seen on the topic for the lyrics of the song. Plus, It's hard to not hear mine when Lana is singing it.
  12. Ah, "mine," say it again "Mind of you with me,". I guess there's no consensus about this one, but that's what I hear. Btw, nice alternatives to these titles.
  13. Yeah. I'm pretty sure that it is mind. When one of the performer is correcting, she's definitely saying Mind and when they all continue, they are definitely saying that as well. Lana is mumbling so we don't hear the D at the end and that's probably why the backup singers got it wrong at first (The probably learned by listening and not by reading the correct lyrics).
  14. According the credits on genius, Phoenix Grant is credited as Associated Performer. That person has not been credited before. Is that Chuck's daughter ? Has anyone found her "performance" ?
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