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  1. It sounds like very Lana-ish lmao but I only know that the song was meant to be sung by Lana and then was replaced by Halsey - would have eaten tbh
  2. LOVE her outfit! she really is a fashion queen this year uh
  3. I think with more melodic and the American songbook reference she meant a more classic - Americana sound? Which can also be found in chemtrails and blue banisters <3 Also remember last year she recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama three or four songs that were described from someone working there as "Americana"
  4. Yes I think I would! It'd be so fun and maybe romantic, and we would learn something from each other which is beautiful <3 Would you date someone who isn't interested in your job and what you do?
  5. Idk I'm actually very quiet about this. Obviously I'm excited about the entire song and the video they recorded but I feel like we're already getting so much from Lana in these weeks and it's okay if they wait for a June release, that's the right moment
  6. Bittersuite has like 3 songs in one..my god it's so good i wish the first part lasted a little more though
  7. It's one of my favourites plus the lyrics are so relatable for me, I love it so much
  8. Not Lana related but I find twerking so vulgar, not even sexy in my opinion
  9. Blue, Wildflower, the greatest and l'amour de ma vie are my favourites - but all the others are so good too
  10. Grammys next year
  12. Yours is from shades of cool, I guess
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