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  1. We need Kintsugi back, I'm sure he's heard Tough already.
  2. If Tough is really intended for Lasso, then I assume her label wanted a more mainstream song and a "hit" for Lana's standards, which is exactly what Doin Time was for NFR! I think the other songs on the album are much slower and not as "commercial", and Tough is a perfect country-trap song for the start of summer.
  3. ATRL insider when asked if Tough is a good song or not: "its a good song to me yes if the idea of country rap/trap laced with lana del rey sounds good to you then u will probs like it "
  4. Just like Cowboy Carter, Lasso will not be a purely country album. Lana is known for mixing genres, and I think we will see that in this album as well. Sure, maybe we'll hear 1-2 songs that sound like typical country in everyone's mind, but the rest of the songs will be influenced by folk, jazz, hip-hop and pop.
  5. A small tour in the US, but make all the dates in the stadiums. This is your year Lana.
  6. It's 2024 it's impossible for Lana NOT to serve. I'm ready!
  7. So you're not seeing anything?
  8. Maybe the show will be special because she'll sing the lead single from Lasso there? She performs on Thursday night and Friday is usually when all the major releases come out.
  9. We could tell. Hopefully this time it's the other way around and Luke surprises us
  10. Evergreen

    Billie Eilish

    Mr.S (ATRL insider) about Billie's new album: "Listening to the album now, it's def a 10/10. The vocal in this album feels opening up a lot more comparing to the previous albums. So many different sounds blended so well that makes it so intriguing and very Billie, she pulls a lil bit of rock, a lil bit of alternative, a lil bit of electronic music."
  11. No, she was performing for those who voted in her categories as a sort of promotion, I guess everyone does that and she didn't know.
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