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  1. It’s cute n pretty but it’s hardly there if that makes sense. There isn’t a lot of songwriting here. I listened to it 3 times in a row on my way to work cuz it’s more backgroundy and vibey than something that grabs my attention and commands it. This must be the new song she was teasing but by the way she phrased it I expected more. I’m not sure this is even part of her new record.
  2. I like strings but they have to be exceptional and intentional and feel like they truly belong there. I’m not opposed at all to strings on white dress, but honestly, considering the subject matter I feel like something less grandiose would actually work better. Piano, guitar, some drums. I’d kill for some dreamy and sad slide guitar or something.
  3. It just sucks that the album is shaping up to be really good, even better than Norman, but it’s gonna get shit on because hating her is cool again. Oh well.
  4. domandapiano


    The new song is good but I can hardly understand a single word she sings lol edit: ok I listened again and it’s not that serious, though I do wish her voice was a littleeeee bit more forward in the mix. I’m
  5. Omg didn’t a mod literally just get done saying stick to Chemtrails discussion here? Lol anywayz I really wish the green vinyl came with the alternate color. That color goes so well with the misty green of the hills behind her:
  6. I kinda wanted to post this in the Chemtrails thread but thought maybe it was a touch off topic. It’s funny to me there have been a few critics and listeners (truly just a few as far as I’ve seen, not a general consensus) that have said Chemtrails lacks “substance” and that it’s about nothing and goes nowhere when the same people praised Venice Bitch, a song whose lyrics literally mean nothing at all. If I recall correctly Lana mentioned that the song was written in a “stream of consciousness” kind of way where random words and phrases just came to her and she formed them into a song. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Venice Bitch stan. It’s one of her best tracks hands down, and ultimately I probably prefer it to Chemtrails, but I just think it’s weird that a song that is admittedly meaningless was widely praised, but Chemtrails, which has a clear point of view and has lyrics that make sense is referred to as being “about nothing” and that makes the song lesser. I actually think they tried (and mostly succeeded) to capture the same magic that Venice bitch has with Chemtrails. COCC builds up into a wall of sound, with Lana’s vocals almost blending in with the instruments (and it even features the same “YEAH” that I fucking love from VB), and has kind of crunchy industrial guitar sounds at its climax that are reminiscent of the guitars in VB.
  7. On the plus side, when you google her name now, the articles that pop up immediately aren’t the ones about her ruining her reputation anymore, and now it’s more generic, just about her album and stuff.
  8. people still saying this when it’s absolutely 100 percent not true is mind boggling. A trap beat is a very specific thing and it’s absolutely not in the snippet we have. Just cuz it’s a stark percussive beat does not mean it’s trap. Compare it with summer bummer which DOES have a trap beat and it’s different.
  9. Promising Young Woman. it’s a pretty good blend of genres with some significantly tense moments. The true gag is the soundtrack which features boys by charli xcx, stars are blind by Paris Hilton, and the boat lullaby from the classic, night of the hunter. Definitely worth checking out for fans of thrillers or if even say an adventurous rom com viewer.
  10. TJF sounds like it could be her most maturely sexy song. It’s a lil slinky, a lil alluring, a true and classy broad
  11. My housemate Justina put Chemtrails on in the car and she was like “I’ve been having a hard time with liking Lana music recently, but this song is pretty good”. That’s something, right? Lol
  12. i know, right, Maria just pulling shit out of her ass. I won’t attack her because I don’t know her, but I will attack her review and opinion for being tasteless and false
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