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  1. Drag me for saying this but I feel like MAYBE this release subtly indicates she doesn’t care that much about this song anymore. I enjoy it, and it will probably be the version of this song I listen to most frequently from this moment unto eternity, but it kinda feels incomplete without a bridge, and it’s abbreviated structure feels largely influenced by modern viral music trends. Ocean Boulvard was any thing BUT modern viral music trends so this being so makes me wonder if she’s kinda over it? Which I wouldn’t blame her for considering it’s been leaked and listened to for a while. There’s less of an anticipation for folks 2 hear it because most people who are into her already have. This isn’t to say she’s never cared about it because it’s a very nice song, but ya know.
  2. The reviews are insane. I cannot wait!!
  3. Honestly love it. The behind the scenes aren’t really behind the scenes they were always planned to be part of the music video, ya know? while I get not liking it (that’s totally valid), if it was just Lana looking pretty as these different women the whole meaning of video would be lost.
  4. Forever mourning the fact that I won’t get to hear the 6 minute long version of nettles. A loss for the culture. forever celebrating everything else that Ethel puts out, tho, for it is all gorge.
  5. domandapiano

    Charli XCX

    I was at work and I missed it
  6. She brings it every time. Her voice is just so insanely good and I feel like this album is her best showcase of it yet. Blomi and Fare the Well so far are absolutely blowing my mind. Ashera’s song a gorgeous moody girl, but I will need a transcription of what’s she’s saying soon because I caught none of it. Love it.
  7. I’m not gonna get to listen till tomorrow, sadly. I’m so pumped though. Always a treat to hear new Susanne.
  8. domandapiano


    Wow after reading and realizing all the shit she’s associated with these past couple years I’d say we don’t even have Art Angels anymore, they belong in the trash.
  9. domandapiano


    Well, at least we will always have Art Angels
  10. domandapiano


    The eartheater wildfire is good. Everything she touches is magic tho.
  11. I listened to the first 8 tracks that are out and they aight. midnight dreams definitely the standout. She always absolutely slays the first track of her albums. The rest I’m not as crazy about. None of it is bad, but it also isn’t smacking me in the face. By the end of the night has a such a killer verse and prechorus and then the chorus itself just doesn’t really go all the way for me. I’ll keep listening tho. I like it more than the last one so far.
  12. Sweet is great and it’s one of the songs that gets stuck in my head the most frequently. It really captures a different kind of retro sound, like an old musical or a classic folk song.
  13. The way this album IS her boys for pele, complete with critics calling it overlong and self indulgent. I knew we were in for something special with this one.
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