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  1. Chihiro, Birds of a Feather, The Greatest
  2. I haven’t cared for either precious Billie album but the reviews for this have piqued my interest…
  3. domandapiano

    Charli XCX

    I feel like 360 isn’t necessarily meant to be a club banger, but more of an introduction to where she’s at now, it’s like the walk in your fit down the street to the club, you’re not a mess yet, you’re really feeling yourself etc.
  4. Yeah the Polaroids and the lyrics to the song definitely give country so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was for lasso, tho now I’m a little confused about the overall sound because the snippet doesn’t sonically read country at all. I’m just hoping whatever she puts out is cohesive. I know Beyonce managed a massive melting pot of genres that still felt like it all belonged together with cowboy carter but this snippet isn’t really giving cowboy carter levels of production so….
  5. domandapiano

    Charli XCX

    Yeah it’s a smash
  6. I just wish she picked a collaborator who wasn’t a homophobe…
  7. I want just one more album from her in this life time. Plz Kate Bush don’t deny me this wish.
  8. domandapiano

    Taylor Swift

    I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion considering half the internet is dragging her and this record through the mud its interesting to think how this record might have been perceived if Taylor wasn’t simultaneously one of most loved/hated stars on the planet. Like I don’t think it’s truly possible for most people to give an opinion good or bad that isn’t at least a little bit influenced by whether you’re over her or still here for her. And like totally disregarding the music, it was clear the polarized reaction it’s getting was obviously what was going to happen with this record the moment it was announced.
  9. yeah it doesn’t seem too beyond the pale to think that Neil might just take some desert pics some times lol
  10. domandapiano

    Taylor Swift

    The way I planned on only listening to a couple tracks and then falling asleep to finish it tomorrow and somehow I’ve fully made it through to So High School with no signs of stopping. but seriously I’m enjoying this! More than midnights for sure. It’s crazy the review bombing happening to this album online rn.
  11. domandapiano

    Taylor Swift

    Ok listening to this Florence collab like
  12. domandapiano

    Taylor Swift

    Maybe it’s the weed but the production here feels a lot warmer and lusher than it did on midnights. All the mixed reception had me worried but I think I like this more than the last one. I’m not the full way through the record but everything is very immediate.
  13. domandapiano

    Charli XCX

    Not me getting a voice memo and it’s just Von Dutch…
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