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  1. Honestly I’m so living for this title. It’s giving me urban legend, 7wonders of twilight town, spirited away, creepy but in a way where something pulls you in. I can just picture a scene in a movie where a friend asks coyly “did you know there’s a tunnel under ocean boulevard” and it cuts to a shot of a dark tunnel entrance. Slowly the camera pans towards the dark tunnel. You can’t see what’s inside, and the movie isn’t going to show you yet, but you know that something’s in there and you gonna find out what. and it needs the “did you know…” part to give me these vibez
  2. fair but I’ve never taken a magazine shoot as explicit proof/hints towards the aesthetic of an album (particularly one that wasn’t done yet). I really don’t think there will be that much correlation between that magazine shoot and the art for this album at all.
  3. Anyone latching themselves to the witchy foggy northern Cali beach vibez (which DOES sound lovely) is and has been setting themselves up for disappointment because as far as I can recall the only person who mentioned that was Ms. DragonWhore and weren’t they disproved?? In any case we are all allowed to have our feelings about things including fonts but it does read as a touch melodramatic when we haven’t seen the font in context. Let’s wait till she shows us the actual ugly ass cover to lose our heads yeah?
  4. the font legitimately looks good on these images, I can’t @ the lot of you complaining about a font you aren’t even suppose to have seen with absolutely no context
  5. I rebuke the name Drought Near California it’s clunky and ugly.
  6. Obligatory “what happened today” post because it seems something happened and it’s buried in many pages. So… what news did we receive today???
  7. I talk to Jesus. it’s the only acceptable answer. also no @ the album being called rock candy sweet. I need something unexpected that catches me off guard.
  8. I just feel like the people who have heard it wouldn’t be referring to it as amazing if it was a Christmas album
  9. when you say ep do you mean the upcoming b-sides or the already released inbred??
  10. I can’t wait for the bsides to come out so nettles and dust bowl can absolutely destroy me. I wonder if she will say where in the tracklist time line all the b sides fit so we can listen to the full unedited 2+ hour album preachers daughter started out as
  11. I still think the album will be out in the first half of next year, it’s done, people have heard it and confirmed it’s coming etc. eclipse literally told us to calm down cuz it’s coming and Ben has mentioned it a number of times. I don’t think we are getting anything this year but I don’t think it’s super far away either. in any case ms. Nicole Dollanganger is releasing a new single tonight ahead of her new record at the top of January so stream her during this Lana drought!
  12. My understanding is that it is gonna come next year. I think she initially said it was gonna come this year but at some point it was decided that next year was more sensible
  13. I think I’m 5 episodes in and it’s significantly better than the last season. It’s just a cleaner, more decently paced story overall. I realize the show loves to get a little batshit in the latter episodes in any given season, and I’m not totally convinced that batshit isn’t gonna rear it’s head in the next few.
  14. The fact that eclipse told this thread to chill out and that it’s coming is probably the most promising bit of info we have gotten lol
  15. Idk I’m perched for it but the fact that she said she’s very stressed about the deadline of next month worries me.
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