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  1. I’m guessing the ep isn’t gonna come till next year at this point, which is fine. I know she said “this year” but this year is rapidly coming to a close.
  2. That first song is so good. Haven’t listened to the rest tho. I can def see the Pokémon journey thing but that makes it slay even more. I hope these are part of something that gets released!!
  3. domandapiano


    My body, Memories of you, Purr, and Plastic all intense 100 % serotonin injections. The whole album is good tho!
  4. domandapiano


    Every Single Song is SO GOOD. Laurel Hell I enjoyed fine but didn’t listen to very often and didn’t make me feel perched on the edge of my seat for whatever she did next but this has sucked me right back in. It’s like Joanna Newsom meets Neko Case colliding in a swirling pool of cosmic americana. I’m Your Man and Heaven (still) have me gobsmacked and the rest is just as good.
  5. I think I’ve played every main tomb raider game except 2 and 3 so this will be very cool! Can’t wait to actually experience them!
  6. domandapiano


    Mama is coming for critical acclaim with this one wow
  7. the real thing we should be figuring out
  8. Yeah that was said a while ago I read it around the time I discovered her music, before inbred. I like both artists and I don’t care what Ethel’s thoughts on Lana are, which are clearly not that bad as we’ve discussed she was listening to Lana at some point post saying this. she was likely very young when she said that, and we’ve all said stupid things when we were young.
  9. Treason was incredible listening experience at 1 am v stoned.
  10. So the ticket buying is a total disaster. Shock.
  11. I can’t believe she is coming to Pittsburgh I’m so blessed
  12. The songs from the new album are v good indeed
  13. I was talking to my dad about her once and he was like “you mean that one hit wonder girl” and it’s so frustrating when people don’t look past the one thing an artist is well known for to see the absurdly wonderful artistry they have displayed apart from that. That being said he is the same man who thinks of bjork as that angry Icelandic singer who wore a swan dress as a stunt so he can’t be helped.
  14. domandapiano


    It’s gorgeous. When that choir comes in the first time it’s euphoric.
  15. Her live vocals have been on POINT so I’m excited to see what she’s laying down in the studio
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