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  1. SHE LOOKS FUCKING INCREDIBLE IN ALL THE SHOTS. Her with the blonde??? CULTURAL RESET. im happy this thread is reopened. I have always wanted to back @Terrence Loves Me up in saying hard times is one of the best songs on the record. It’s top 3 for me at least.
  2. Manifesting Nicole saying something *ANYTHING* before the end of this month, even if it’s just to be like, “sorry, it’s still coming”
  3. That the new horror film “The black phone” was bad but still mildly enjoyable
  4. domandapiano

    Tove Lo

    I feel like I’m gonna consider how long as a bonus track in my mind just because it does not have closing track energy in the slightest lol maybe it wasn’t part of the album but streamed well enough to warrant having it on and they were just like “throw it at the end”
  5. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was “hope”, considering the little vocal bit of his in the extended version of the song, and I feel like they maybe mentioned it coming together real quick like magic
  6. I love the excitement of thinking something could happen, and I love the idea of an unspoiled era, but I think the fact that insiders seem to know knowing means there is nothing to know and that we aren’t really close to anything. I would love to be totally wrong about this, of course.
  7. We thinking another full surprise drop?? Friday?? It could literally happen at any moment
  8. She sounds good in the live video of Don’t Forget, I’ll give her that!
  9. I’ve always taken “album in June” with a grain of salt so I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen, but she did say whispering glades was coming in March last year, and she waited until the absolute last moment to make good on that word. I had given up hope it was actually coming and then it came out on the 30th or the 31st without much fanfare.
  10. Goddess, mother, queen, etc etc. she’s an icon and I love her.
  11. Cosmic Love Only if for a Night How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful The End of Love Choreomania back to the new album I’m really loving The Bomb. It’s got the energy I need in life right now.
  12. I went on a run today and ended it with a fully body interpretive dance to choreomania in the middle of my street, as if I was possessed. The drums in the song are just so blisteringly wild and addicting. Highly recommend giving it a try, even if onlookers will assume you’re having some kind of episode. (Isn’t that the point anyways?)
  13. If June passes with nary a peep about this new album I will be pressed
  14. domandapiano


    Just popping in to say that the shinigami eyes music video is FUCKING iconically good
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