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  1. paradiso

    Rina Sawayama

    it feels like each of these pre-release singles are lacking in some department - this hell is a mess lyrically, catch me in the air feels a bit too on the nose with its lyrics and sonic references, and hold the girl's production on the verses sound too detached from the choruses. i know she's trying to merge genres and make pop songs about stuff that usually isn't discussed in pop music (the latter of which i really do appreciate), but it feels like the lyrical/production quality is being sacrificed for the sake of having some commercial appeal. i'm really hoping this is a sawayama situation where she just made weird single choices and the rest of the album is actually good
  2. paradiso


    the fact that heated is a drake scrap... and all up in your mind is an ag cook/bloodpop song... this album is like a fever dream
  3. when lost in my bedroom goes viral on tik tok and her label forces her to release the don't forget video and descending/all my lovers die/innocent kind as a single and everyone loves it so much that she ends up feeling stable enough to release masochism and she is universally praised for her artistic vision and ends up releasing a b-sides ep a few months later and she can quit her job at the bookstore in la
  4. paradiso

    Kim Petras

    this is all karma for not officially releasing dark part of your heart
  5. i haven't been on here since the guardian and nme interviews dropped and some of you are unhealthily obsessed with wanting her to fail... weirdo behavior. at this point there's nothing we as fans can do besides hope that the don't forget video comes out soon and that masochism comes out in the next few years
  6. omg i forgot that she's playing at roskilde... if that performance is anywhere near the calibre of performances she's given over the past few days i fear her little ferraris may turn on her
  7. DSFJHSKJFH i was listening to a video of it and i thought "nobody is going to be able to figure out the melody... or the words..."
  8. apparently she sang six songs, of which at least one was new, and then said "am i getting kicked off? i'm getting kicked off" and walked off stage... so it's just another day for us little ferraris!
  9. paradiso


    she's busy studying at the Sky Ferreira University of Releasing Your Sophomore Album
  10. if any little ferraris are going to sky's primavera set PLEEK record whatever unreleased songs she ends up playing they'll probably be the only new material we hear until the next single in 2025
  11. i was kinda hoping for her ray of light era tbh - a 90s electronic/trip hop influence, fuller vocals, lyrics about religion/spirituality and family (which she kind of already did on blue bannisters but oh well), or maybe even some uptempo tracks like sky fits heaven or nothing really matters
  12. paradiso

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    we need back of my heart NOW
  13. i think why the song might be labeled bland is because the production is virtually the same for the entire song, except for the second pre-chorus where the percussion changes for a few bars. besides that, i can see how it feels a bit one note or confusing, structure-wise. personally i like the song but wish the production varied a bit to give the verses, pre-chorus, chorus, and post-chorus more delineation!
  14. when i open up the single on spotify and see that i pray for rain is included as a b-side
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