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  1. 10/10 I love Arctic Monkeys and I love these lyrics!
  2. Lorelai Gilmore because of Taylor (they kinda give same vibes hahah)
  3. 10/10 I love Madonna and I love this black and white photo of her!
  4. Embach

    Song vs. Song

    Carmen vs Candy Necklace
  5. Stanley Kubrick vs David Lynch
  6. I'd be singing that part like: imiahdjaopsofjr lakdjkwoakaaaah
  7. Seems that Kevin is the cursed misheard lyric here Like that one ⬇️
  8. Zodiac (well, it has leaked though) vs Paradise 2015
  9. Embach

    Actor vs. Actor

    Anya Taylor Joy vs Kate Winslet
  10. Embach

    Book vs Book

    ''Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass'' vs ''Leaves Of Grass'' (by Walt Whitman)
  11. You ate with this omfg! Hundreds of 1# on charts everywhere! Giving millions of Grammys! This is the top Lipster highlight moment ever!
  12. Embach

    Song vs. Song

    The Blackest Day vs The Greatest
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