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  1. Embach

    Movie vs. Movie

    The Virgin Suicides vs La La Land
  2. While I understand that some may not like explicit lyrics in some contexts but I personally loved how she uses explicit lyrics in Ocean Blvd title track, it's so vulnerable and ruthless at the same time, without it, Ocean Blvd wouldn't be perhaps that epic. I think that these are one of her best lyrics: "Open me up, tell me you like it/Fuck me to death, love me until I love myself".
  3. Embach

    Instagram Updates

    Omg then she's following her teacher, how sweet! Thank you for showing this!
  4. Embach

    Instagram Updates

    I was bored so I just looked up who Lana is currently following and I found out that she recently started following ferrolorraine - a woman who is sharing songwriting tips. That's interesting and cool for sure!
  5. Embach

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    New post on Instagram! (also lots of stories too): Devoted. https://www.instagram.com/p/C3woAJDuANg/?igsh=MWFxdG03N2oyMDEwNg==
  6. Noooo, you're so nice, you always light up this forum with magical vibes
  7. I want HBB too I hope it has a studio version. Also I want I Must Be Stupid song too, it's so underrated
  8. Some are here for country rap, some are here for country rock but I'm here for orchestral country
  9. Oh to have instagram in 2013 early 2010s was the best instagram era, before it was ruined and facebookified and tiktokified.
  10. Rick Nowels once commented that his favorite Lana song is Honeymoon, the taste!
  11. Omg on the right it's written "wurlitzer", I looked which Lana songs had wurlitzers and I found that Fingertips and Groupie Love had wurlitzers!!!
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