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  1. Twitter accounts with "insider" in their names aren't really reliable
  2. No but I remember that she told a fan after the NMPA Awards show last week that there will be a Mexico stadium show in the future or something
  3. If we're going gone country I need to witness Lana to do these genres in country style: hypercountry glitch country noise country orchestral country psychedelic country country blues country punk country pop country rock electronic country country dance country metal alternative country country jazz country folk dream country experimental country country trap country hip hop synth country Christian country goth country country soul progressive country chamber country minimal country ethereal country
  4. What about Mexico tour tho? Didn't she say to a fan that she does stadium tour in Mexico?
  5. The melody, the lyrics, this song makes me so weak, it makes me want to cry like a baby, emotions are just everywhere
  6. Why people think that the intro song is called Mirror?
  7. Tbh Tough snippets only work for me when I listen to it with headphones. Like the sound is smooth with headphones. But without the headphones it sounds weird.
  8. Embach

    Katy Perry

    SHE'S ELON FAN? wtf
  9. Embach

    Katy Perry

    Lukasz is Dr Luke right? Disappointed. I'll still listen to the song but I don't think it's my type of song. Jack Antonoff come and save Katy Perry
  10. Embach

    Instagram Updates

    Not stupid me putting my phone over my ear to hear if the long moon video has a song snippet
  11. Neil Krug did share an old Lust For Life era photo wishing Lana happy birthday in Instagram Stories but with no outtakes like last year
  12. She's absolutely stunning and hot! The glow! That jacket is awesome as well!
  13. Yes, she should change the Harvey part to Lucy's In The Sky With Diamonds. It would be The Beatles reference and she loves them, idk how it would make sense in the context but it would be a Lana song overall
  14. Embach

    Charli XCX

    Omfg that Lorde remix is so good, Lorde's verse was sad as well. But it's such a bopppp
  15. This is shaping up to be one of her best songs ever, like I'm throwing a Grammy at it
  16. Shocking video sadly but who are "the other abusers" in her collab collection?
  17. Embach


  18. I don't want to listen to the live show because I don't wanna ruin my first experience with this song. I need to hear the official version without the screams and stuff
  19. That new song intro, holy shit. If it's on Lasso it's going to be my favorite song because this was something different. It was so ethereal, it sounds like a life experience
  20. Semi manifrsting her to perform when the world war
  21. I think i'm gagged tomorrw when i open this thrrad omfg tough debut that soundcheck helppp im so excited
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