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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Lana's time machine has stopped working, she's still in 2017 💥 No but for real, she looks amazing, like from Lust For Life era!
  2. I kinda dig the Dutch entry. I like it more than the Croatian one. I love the campiness and the meaning of it. Croatia's cool as well, reminds me of Rammstein. Ireland is hands down, the most unique one! The odds are saying that Switzerland might win but imo it's a bit generic idk, gotta listen to it again. But not gonna lie, you can definitely see Käärija's Cha Cha Cha impact on this year's entries where most of the songs are goofy-ass quirky but also in native language. I had high hopes for the UK when I found out that Olly from Years & Years is performing there but I kinda expected more from his song. Finland has a very "what the fuck!?" entry. 1990s rave seems to make a comeback here, I've noticed that.
  3. It was taken earlier. Born To Die's album cover was taken on July 22, 2011!
  4. Comment under a video about Musicians on Musicians Rolling Stone Magazine 2019 issue 💀
  5. Olivia Rodrigo sang with No Doubt, maybe she's with Lana as well?
  6. that very early violet bent backwards poetry teasing era which was around february-march 2019
  7. Still, many fans on twitter or other pits of social media have loved the show so far. The GP is more mad at the Coachella for messing up with the techs and shit.
  8. She should sing Queen Of Disaster next time with lyrics "got me spinning like a pole dancer". I need this emoji to be real so bad
  9. 10 years what a fucking milestone! And still sounds like it was released today or perhaps 50 years ago or even in year 2563 because it is a timeless masterpiece which never gets out of style!
  10. When it turns out that it was Emile's football club after all
  11. Critics have been eating it up, so it's not much of a damage for her career
  12. Imo Lana cigarette/vape memes aren't really that funny. They were maybe funny for 1 second but idk, I find these jokes cringe
  13. Just a group therapy session where we are sharing our after-thoughts on this show. Some thoughts are negative, some positive but at least the therapy is free 🫶
  14. Holy shit this is so embarrassing and gross and disgusting, can he make an account here so he could be instantly banned forever
  15. She always had that idgaf attitude while singing, she's just vibing yk. Lollapalooza Chile 2018 performance of Off To The Races is a perfect example of her current stage presence, she's very charismatic and comfortable but she doesn't have the need to sing every song from word to word when she can also vibe and dance to it and heat the public up.
  16. I didn't know that many of you didn't like the Candy Necklace collab that most of you beg Jon to collab with Rob and not Lana But anyways, it's kinda funny how this thread has like almost 400 pages, it's something what Lasso pre-release thread has failed to achieve Idk if it was intentional or not but the censor is sending me lmaooo
  17. I think it's him and Jon, after all they're both pianists hahah
  18. Embach

    Dua Lipa

    She's going to sing and host the SNL on May 4! Can't wait!
  19. You're so lucky! So happy for you! Such an awesome story. That must've been an amazing experience! Memories of a lifetime! I remember waking up and looking for latest clips of that show on Youtube and when she sang Salvatore omfg. LATTM European leg is something I miss 24/7
  20. Embach

    Taylor Swift

    Tbh I think I'm going to listen to the album maybe a week or more later because the overwhelming emotions of the first day are...just very overwhelming. I gotta sit for some dags until the hype fades, so I could listen to the album in peace.
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