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  1. The way that some of you think endangering people’s lives is no big deal . Okay
  2. She looks sooooo good, but she also kinda looks like a girl I saw on unsolved mysteries last night
  3. I’ve been gone for like a week, I saw that she posted the interview mag video but I haven’t watched it yet, what else did I miss?? Anything important??
  4. my local music store finally got back to me but they didn’t have any info: “The only thing by her I see coming out is an album called “Violet Bent Backwards” coming out on Vinyl and CD 10/2/20”
  5. if this really was shot by neil........ lana heard that we were hungry and said don’t worry thanksgiving is coming can we pls take a moment to redirect our manifestation energy from cocc to this? full hq textless photo shoot leak it asap
  6. ⠠⠊⠀⠙⠕⠀⠝⠕⠞⠀⠺⠁⠝⠞⠀⠞⠕⠀⠎⠑⠑⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠎⠉⠁⠞⠂⠀⠊⠞⠀⠊⠎⠀⠙⠊⠎⠛⠥⠎⠞⠊⠝⠛
  7. just scheduled my eye removal surgery, can’t wait! hope she releases cocc in braille 😍
  8. I think it’s quite clear that Lana is our dearly departed Chris Cuomo
  9. Coming out as officially supporting #teamdelulu and also to say the video shoot reminds me of what I always pictured in my head when listening to Hollywood so I can’t wait to see her released as a double feature video with the title track
  10. U guys know u can change nails pretty quickly right?? I mean she probably gets them done professionally but I do my own and I have a bad habit of painting my nails and then deciding I don’t like the color and taking it off and repainting them a couple times in one sitting
  11. The way that I was looking at gloves like hers on etsy last night and had mentioned a similar car to my friend the other day i am LIVING this aesthetic is my same taste god bless I literally can’t wait
  12. I finally had a dream about the album I saw the cocc artwork and it was a silhouette of michael jackson doing an air jordan-esque pose on a blank background and the top had “LANA DEL REY” in the steelfish/rainbow font with a similar color purple as the dark paradise single but darker/warmer and the whole image was super pixelated and grainy, like no smooth edges anywhere, it was truly traumatizing also I’m still catching up on the past pages, wtf happened
  13. Perhaps we misheard her and she’s actually saying separate the weak from the shaft (richard roundtree)
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