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  1. Straight from the paradise era 😭😭😭😭
  2. Blowing a kiss to the doubters and the haters 😘 I knew my queen was here all along
  3. If she tours for this album, do you think she’ll bring her background singers w her?? I figured it might help her feel more comfortable if they serve as a distraction same as her dancers. But the mixing at her live shows is utterly HORRENDOUS. I’d be worried we wouldn’t be able to hear Lana over them
  4. Not to be a broken record but these ads I don’t mind the ones that show up between page loads, but the ones that pop up from the top or bottom of the screen are awful. Especially because when you close them they don’t fully go away (as if I’d ever want to reopen an ad that I closed ) and it covers what I’m trying to read. I don’t use Adblock bc I want the site to make money but damn djdgdgsgsh they’re really starting to get on my nerves lol
  5. Tbh kinda bummed there’s no Mike Dean involvement for this record that we know of. He was so hype about working with her maybe next time
  6. Idk why I actually connected this sentiment with the “they built me up 300ft tall just to tear me down” line from Arcadia instead like she was speaking to the reception of herself/her music by us and the gp
  7. I’m getting the vibe that “the grants” is more instrumental like a movie theme to kind of set the scene…. Idk
  8. I think it’s a flying pig Anyways what a cute memory for them
  9. okay guys i'm brainstorming... imagine a mv in the tunnel, she can be like slowly walking thru it as she sings or whatever and its crowded af with people walking all around her in the opposite direction, and as the video goes on the style of the people subtly changes thru different decades to show the passage of time, kind of continuing the theme from chemtrails mv.. OR completely different maybe the tunnel is part of some old glitzy cult bunker for the ultra rich that's been long abandoned so now lana and her besties do like rituals down there
  10. Besties, could someone please kindly catch me up, what’s all the info we have/what is the general consensus we have about the situation?? I haven’t been on here in so long 😢 and I’m so confused reading all these posts lol is anybody on the same page!!
  11. She needs to have her jagged little pill era asap
  12. So tired of “”fans”” begging for her to go back to her ‘music’ and ‘singing’ era she’s in a different place in life like just get over it, she’s 37 which means she’s practically geriatric.. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if she started making songs right now
  13. Besties I’m at work please catch me up she posted a snippet?? What does it sound like?? Lyrics?? She tagged someone?? Please help a girl out I don’t have the time rn
  14. LFL ROUND 2 LETS GOOOOO album out on the next strawberry moon
  15. While we’re on the subject I definitely count Honeymoon (the song) as a Morricone inspired piece, and her Trio remix makes me cringe it sounds like something you’d heard on the sports channel but the original is one of the best songs ever idk how she let that happen
  16. album photoshoot at Graceland would kind of slay for this, if we’re ever getting it…
  17. I’m in the mood for put the radio on vibes
  18. Why was my first though upon seeing this “LDR Village”
  19. tbh I’d rather get visuals than a song snippet, I would like to see a thumbnail or a still from a music video or really lq album photoshoot teasers or something
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