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  1. On google maps it says Detroit is 2 hours from nevada stemming off of the "2 hours to Nevada" line. could this be true? her mention of Detroit in G&R was always interesting to me
  2. somebody on instagram although further research suggest they're involved in some type of unsolved murder case from 2006
  3. pizzagate and pedogate are 2 totally different things, if that's what you're talking about. comparing them undermines the very real current pedophilia within the catholic church and such right now, non-conspiracy type. I agree I was off-topic. does anyone have that video of her in her house with CNN in the background she posted on ldr?
  4. I did nothing popped up can someone search his post ID on craigslist?
  5. "If you can get past all the hacking and background altering and identity changes. You can dig in and look into every place Shoshoni Alexis Lisa Clifford and Ryan E Pitcher have lived and find many unsolved murders. Like when the LAPD covered up one of Ryan's murders last year. They cover it up by claiming they have no leads. If you look closely. You can find many unsolved murders where ever these two go. One time he was reported and then he threw away all his shoes and clothes with blood of a victim and then hurried up and changed cars. If you look back to 2006 when Shoshoni Alexis Lisa Clifford was doing the CL escorting thing out of Woodland Hills CA, they murdered another Asian Escort and tried to frame others for it. They have law enforcement and government connections and are always changing their background reports and their identities. So it will take someone from the inside that is not corrupt to figure it all out." this goes much deeper than just Lana guys
  6. im open to anything being true or being false. sometimes things are bigger than us and we need to break them down I don't expect many members here to understand what he is saying, nor do I think you would
  7. "alexis.wright29Famous singers are rock stars. They have sex partners in every city. The boyfriends Hollywood stages for the public view,,fools everyone except those who know how Hollywood works,,,,people do not know your little fat rapist drug dealing criminal from Pacific Palisades" anyone have any clues?
  8. we really cannot write this off as mental illness or whatever.. if you guys aren't gonna hop on the train the train will just arrive a little later than u want
  9. his stuff adds up. Hollywood, 2006 lizzy, LDR 2010, LA, drugs I touched up on a lot of what her said in LDR & The Conspiracy. go figure I guess WHO IS Ryan E Pitcher and Alexis Clifford? "See eye do not operate like the snakes, Eye always give plenty of warning and never hide my agenda" http://beats4la.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Lana-Del-Rey-Tropico-film-2013.png funny enough the same film touches up on antichrist, drugs, the bible? or that Lana said in her most recent interview snakes are her least favorite? despite numerous acknowledges of snakes? we need to investigate his BTD ghost writer claim. shit
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pYqHG_WWBa0XeiFKI9VVZzetP315uB8UmyfeZeDRUQc/edit?usp=sharing MANY names are mentioned.. any ring a bell? will compile a list later
  11. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pYqHG_WWBa0XeiFKI9VVZzetP315uB8UmyfeZeDRUQc/edit?usp=sharing to say the least he touched on some pretty taboo topics I didn't.. but he does mention international sex ring
  12. here is the full transcript: (very long) this guy is definitely up to something. don't throw this over our shoulder guys
  13. here is a google doc of his comments https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pYqHG_WWBa0XeiFKI9VVZzetP315uB8UmyfeZeDRUQc/edit?usp=sharing what a good find... sift through it guys he claims Lana and something about white men and asian women.. very strange
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